New word of the, reciprocity people

Good afternoon Rams fans,

I woke up this morning to an article that although was positive for the most part, had me a bit perplexed. It seems that we constantly hear that Stan Kronke owes St. Louis an answer on if he will be moving the team at some time. My question is why?

Why is it that he owes us anything but a great product on the field? When I read the article by Bernie Misklaz this morning I could not get past the fact that he is portraying that fans have no obligation to their team.

So I am clear, we as fans, should simply expect for Mr. Kronke to not only spend money on a new staff (which is looking pretty good in my opinion), spend money on free agents, grab new players in the draft that will make a difference and then also tell the city that no matter what, he will keep the team in St. Louis. Remember that although this is a treasured game, it exists in an entity called the NFL, which is a business.

Also, in any relationship, there is a vital thing needed and that is reciprocity.

Sure, I know there are plenty of fans that will want to string me up for saying this. Those are the ones that tried to hold on to the enthusiasm even when the Rams were putting garbage on the field. Those were the fans that spent money and did not get back what they expected. Yet isn’t that they way we are with most any product? We pay with the hope of getting what is advertised, but in the end, its all a toss up. I can only imagine how someone who spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a product only to see it sputter and fail to meet expectations would feel. So let’s put this in perspective as a fan…..

  1. I only expect Mr. Kronke to do what he should as an NFL owner and that is to put the best product on the field possible. Period. I don’t need him to reassure me that he will stay here and I will tell you why further down
  2. As a fan, I expect to have a venue that will seat me comfortably, have concessions for me to purchase and an experience commensurate to the ticket price I have paid
  3. As a fan, I expect that each and every game, the players will give everything they’ve got
  4. As a fan, I expect better than 2 wins for the season, but $&^% happens

Past this, all the rest is gravy. The reason why my expectations can be measured up in 4 points is because everything else will take care of itself if those 4 points are met.

So all of that to say is, if Mr. Kronke puts an amazing product on the field, the fans will come. If fans come like they did during the “Greatest Show”, then there is no question as to what will happen with our franchise. It will stay here in St. Louis (although I have doubts they will always be downtown) for years to come. Yet the same way we look for a great product on the field, Mr. Kronke expects us as fans to support. Support the team, support the organization as fans should and all will be well.

This relationship is a two way street and actions speak louder than words. “Silent Stan” is showing us he will invest in his team. He is showing us that he is interested in garnering respect in the league, admiration of the fans and turning this franchise around for the better. So therefore as a result, if they are offered this year, I cannot tell you that I will not go for the season tickets that are $250 a piece like last year. Especially when San Francisco I hear will be charging in excess of $350 per ticket per game. Then again, look at the product that the 49rs put on the field this year! Was that really Alex Smith out there this past weekend?

Needless to say, if we as fans support, then they will stay. If we do not, we will be waiting for an empty promise. So let’s get into the stands, let’s watch them when they are on the tube and let’s get to buying some Rams memorabilia. The same way Stan is trying to show us he wants to be the best owner, let’s show him that we believe in what he is trying to do and be the best fans!

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