Insanely Brilliant Mock Draft

Ok so like all my TST brethren out thereI have made reading mock drafts just as important as taking one more shot before taking that ugly girl from the bar home....And while some were Vanilla and repetitive others were really interesting but too far fetched... Alas I found one that's sooo Insane it just might work.So Before I start things get more interesting with some trades. St.Louis trades Sam Bradford to the Cleveland Browns for their two 1st round draft picks their 2nd and 7th round picks plus a 3rd rounder next year...Shocked? well there's more..St.Louis again with another shocking trade deals RB Steven Jackson to the New York Jets for their 2nd and 5th round pick of this years draft. Yes sir we are completely restructuring our beloved franchise for a new beginning. So to break it down we have 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,4,5,6,7,7 and a compensatory 7th round pick to a grand total of 13 picks and this is what we do with em. Here it is after the jump.

RD 1 pick 2. Rams select: ROBERT GRIFFIN III, QB Baylor

134712395_display_image_medium via

I know its nuts but he is an absolute stud and can run and pass, with our line that helps, he will bring excitement to our team and sell tickets plus he will win games.

RD. 1 pick 4(from Browns). Rams select: TRENT RICHARDSON, RB Alabama

136649727_display_image_medium via

With one of the most talented RB's to come out since Adrian Peterson, Richardson falls right on our laps. We continue to add playmakers and have a young strong foundation for years to come. Must needed pick here.

RD 1 pick 22(from Browns via Falcons). Rams select: KENDALL WRIGHT, WR Baylor


Though he isn't Blackmon he is still dynamic in his own right. He has just as much upside as any wideout in the draft and as an added bonus he gets drafted to the team that has his college QB that help make him who he is now. That combo will completely take NFL defenses by storm.....can anyone say TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!

RD 2 pick 33. Rams select: JANORIS JENKINS, CB North Alabama


Never in a million years would this have happened with the old regime but their gone so who cares. Coach Fisher has taken chances on "Troubled" but extremely talented players before and I'm sure he can do the same seeing how much talent this team needs. Top 5 pick easily until his uh issues but talent is there regardless and will show it.

RD 2 pick 37(from Browns). Rams select: MICHAEL ADAMS, OT Ohio St


As the creator of this draft mentioned "He is no Orlando Pace" but he has talent and will fill a need right off the bat. He probably will be our LT so Saffy is kicked over to the right and we again have bookend tackles.

RD 2 pick 47(from Jets). Rams select: LAVONTE DAVID, LB Nebraska


Big time defensive player who can set the tone on defense and by paring up with JL we make our defense that much better.Ultra athletic and far and away better then the bums we had at the position in years.

RD 3 pick 66. Rams select: MICHAEL BREWSTER, C Ohio ST. 105996318_display_image_mediumvia

Again we focus on our pathetic offensive line. Brewster is the 2nd best OC in the draft and we nab him in the 3rd. Young and talented and will take the spot from Brown with a blink of an eye. Our team looks better already.

RD 4 pick 96. Rams select: CLIFF HARRIS, CB Oregon (kind of)


Yes again and I know he has been in trouble too but with the choir boys we had the past 3 years I think we can look for some bad asses for help. Harris was a good corner and a great returner. Super athletic and fast and was an All American too boot. The only thing faster than Harris was the car he was driving...LOL

RD 5 pick 146(from Jets). Rams select: JEFF DEMPS, RB Florida


ELECTRIC....ELECTRIC.....ELECTRIC. That's how you describe Demps time in Florida. He is a great returner and and explosive RB who can take it to the house at any time. He can give Richardson a break and still provide home run potential. Also lots of returners are better than none right?

RD 6 pick 160. Rams select: JANZEN JACKSON, S McNeese St. Janzenjackson_display_image_mediumvia

Has the talent just maybe doesn't have the brain cells to stay outta trouble. Was projected to be a 1st round guy before he got the boot from Tennessee. And with a pick this late its worth taking a flyer on a guy who has potential. Depth is need at the position and with such a young group of DB's coming in they can grow and learn together.

RD 7 pick 193. Rams select: JOSH OGLESBY, OT Wisconsin 6266427423_f48b5260cc_mediumvia

Played RT for the Huskers and was voted the best college O-line last season. Has talent and with a late round flyer why not use it on another OL....oh BTW he had 6 knee surgeries in his career thats why he is so far down....I know I know but PS might do him well and could be a DX type of spot starter if need be.

RD 7 pick 195(from Browns). Rams select: TRAVIS BENJAMIN, WR Miami FL.


A burner WR who explodes after the catch. Showed great flashes as a freshman but with so many issues at Miami never really put it all together like other Miami WR's, but like those same WR's he has talent and could find a niche as a returner or slot guy and lets face it we need speed at the skill positions.

RD 7 pick compensatory pick. Rams select: LAVASIER TUINEI, WR Oregon 130769960_display_image_mediumvia

Remember him from the Rose bowl? Yup he lit it up against a very good Wisconsin team. has the length but not the speed of a top threat. Could be a redzone type guy who DX should have been except without all the knee troubles.

And there you have it Folks. The Crazy new 2012 mock NFL draft that will undoubtedly raise some questions. It's focus is primarily on offense but for good reason. When I read it I immediately thought "Where's the DT?" and well its not there so I'm guessing that will be addressed in FA along with maybe RB, DE, OLB. So whats your thoughts? and If you wanna see for yourself

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