Brian Schottenheimer-From a Jets Fan

I have been watching the Jets since I was a kid and Bill Parcells was the HC, but enough about me what you wanna know is your new OC. This post may come off as negative, but I'm keeping it real. I like the Rams, so this isnt an attempt to degrade or upset, but rather inform.

Schotty came to the Jets with Eric Mangini and worked in tandem to bring forth a fairly competent offensive attack led by Chad Pennington. His first year was very hopeful. Keep in mind as a Jet fans we are used to having horrible offensive coordinators in the 21st century so Schotty seemed like an end to those woes.

He seemd to take a lot less slack for majority of his time in New York, most likely because he made Chad Pennington look very good. People will point to QB problems with Sanchez, Clemens and then the injuries of Favre and Pennington as one of the main reasons the team did poorly. He also had some really bad offensive lines in 2007 and in 2011. Though he had some of his best talent at the skill positions in the last two years.

Scotty is good at being unpredictable (which is why I dont know what kind of offense he ran with the Jets, it changed game to game). The problem is that your team then fails to establish an offensive identity.

If there is one major issue with Schotty its that his play calling is maddening. There are a lot of specifics I could use, but my best example came in the Pats game this year when the Jets needed a score. On a third and about seven, Schotty motioned a RB out of the backfield so we snapped the ball with Five Spread out wide. The play call was to have EVERY receiver run a five yard hook route. The pats were playing shallow zones and knocked the ball away and forced a Jets punt.

Bradford looked a lot better his rookie season than Sanchez did this season. Obviously he was hurt a lot this year but assuming you have a above average QB play it will help a lot. Having Steven Jackson will help a lot because while Schotty was "known" as a run first coordinator, he couldnt do much with a running back not named Thomas Jones.

Schotty really has gotten a lot of free passes when he was in New York so simply putting some pressure on him to follow some parameters could be good for him.

What it comes down to is this: For Brian Schottenheimer to be an effective coordinator things need to be near perfect or someone has to make up for his stupidity (which explains why his best year was with Pennington). If you guys trust Bradford to be intelligent and correct things at the line then you guys should be OK. Also, it is imperative that Fisher knows what is going on with the offense. It was beyond laughable that Rex Ryan admitted he didnt spend time with the offense when it came to game-planing. Fisher is a veteran guy so I'm sure he will hold Schotty more accountable than Rex did.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask I will do what I can to answer them

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