Why the Rams should move on from Fisher

First off, read VT’s article here. It inspired this

It’s Day 12 of Fisher watch, and it seems every morning when I wake up Adam Schefter tells me Fisher’s decision will come tomorrow. The Rams have spent enough time courting Fisher, and while, they still have done interviews, the pursuit of Fisher reeks of desperation. The Rams have gone all in on Fisher, to the detriment of choosing a GM, finding a staff, and making the key changes that will move the organization forward. Each day the way is one less day to scout, prepare and understand the draft, free agency and the future of the 53-man roster.

Fisher has the tenure that the Rams desire at the position. He provides solid foundation to re-build (yet again) the franchise on without having to take the lumps of a rookie HC learning the ropes again. He will never be confused for an elite head coach, but in a time where the Rams can’t afford another false start, he will do. Unfortunately, I don’t think waiting on Fisher to make a decision is the right thing to do.

Some opinions after the jump

1) Passion – To me, a good HC has passion. They work grueling hours studying themselves and their competition. They put in work and, even in the offseason, live and breathe football. Jeff Fisher is wasting precious planning moments to this “Decision.” As an outside observer, it appears that he is not sold on either team. His lack of passion may lead him to leave STL for another job (if successful), or less than stellar performance on the field if he truly doesn’t care.

2) GM – The Rams organization is in complete turmoil right now. Until this Fisher decision is made, they are holding off on hiring a GM. A coach like Fisher desires input into the process and requires a good working relationship. St. Louis hasn’t pulled the trigger on a GM because the future head coach will shape that decision. The longer they wait, the longer the delay rebuilding the front office.

3) Player development – Without focusing completely on Sam, player development may be the single biggest problem this organization has faced. Very few positions have shown year over year improvements in the previous system. The longer there is no coach, no playbook, no schemes, less time players have to learn them. If Fisher chooses Miami, the defense may have to adjust to a 3-4. Sam has less time with the new OC (and hopefully QB coach)

Fisher’s decision reeks of someone who doesn’t want to work at either place. This can only mean bad things for whatever team chooses him. The Rams are not pot committed to him, and can actually win a little bit of respect for the next Head Coach if they move on from Fisher.

There are always risks inherent to bringing in a rookie head coach. What the Rams organization can’t be afraid of is taking a risk, when it’s the right thing to do. There is no formula that says if you failed with a rookie HC, an experienced one will build you a winner.

Please STL, tell Fisher no thanks, and hire someone else

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