2012 NFL Mock Draft: A Trade And Some Controversy

The idea of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III being drafted anywhere beyond the second pick looks more and more far fetched with each day. That notion is starting to play out in the 2012 NFL mock draft corners of the internet. What actually happens remains to be seen, but the idea of the Rams trading down presents them with lots of options.

The latest mock draft over at Walter Football will particularly shock you.

This mock considers the idea that the Rams trade down with Washington, a team desperate for a quarterback and perhaps a more likely suitor than the Browns.

With Washington's sixth pick the Rams select ...

Trent RIchardson, RB, Alabama

That sound you heard was 3k losing his breakfast at the idea of a running back in the first round. But here's the thing, the Rams need offensive talent, lots of it. With Justin Blackmon off the board in this scenario, Richardson just might be the most talented offensive player on the board. Remember, the Rams had Mark Ingram highly rated on their board last year ... under a different regime.

Richardson is like Steven Jackson, very much like Steven Jackson. Drafting him and keeping Jackson would give the Rams a powerful, diverse running game. And a replacement when the 29-year old Jackson's $7 million salary becomes more burden than help to the team's cap.

But they need a wide receiver more, much more. Michael Floyd or Alshon Jeffery would be a better pick here ... except they aren't as highly ranked as Richardson. I think they both will be with the Combine and offseason workouts.

In the deal, the Rams would pick up Washington's first-round pick in 2013, second-round pick this year and more.

The second round, armed with two picks, the Rams address two big needs with good players.

Their first pick in the second round is Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina, who would be a significant talent upgrade at weakside linebacker, something the team desperately needs.

The Rams take (sort of) Florida State OT Zebrie Sanders with their second pick in the second round. He's raw, but has the athleticism to play on the left side. Here's a scouting report.

A few others I would consider with that pick: WR Dwight Jones, DT Brandon Thompson and CB Josh Robinson.

In the third round of this mock, the Rams pick Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller. Here's some prospect notes from Mocking the Draft.

In the fourth round, they project Ohio State C Michael Brewster, who would also fill a huge need for the Rams. More on Brewster here from MtD who tabs him as a very good interior OL prospect.

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