A Dolphins Fan's Perspective on Jeff Fisher



Greetings Rams fans. I made a couple of comments in a previous Jeff Fisher story and your own Douglas M asked if I would be willing to write this post and give you guys a Dolphins fans perspective on why the Jeff Fisher should choose to coach the Miami Dolphins and why he would be a better fit in Miami than in St. Louis. So, before I get started, let me also just say that the Rams are my second favorite team and anything I say in this post is not meant to bash the Rams, but simply to give you guys the opinion of a Dolphins fan as to why Miami would be a better choice for Fisher.

We have all seen the various rumors and news reports from a multitude of people and their "inside sources close to the situation" that say what Fisher is asking for and which way he is leaning. I'm not going to go into all of that because almost all of those points have been beaten to death. What I am going to do is to go over the pros that the Dolphins present to Fisher, at least from my perspective as to what is a pro. So, without further ado, lets get to it.

The first thing that I would like to say makes Miami the better choice for Jeff Fisher to choose is the roster. The Dolphins have a more stable roster and good players at key positions. They have proven good WRs such as Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. This year, Reggie Bush showed that he can be capable of being a feature running back. You have Jake Long at LT and Mike Pouncey at C as 2 excellent anchors at 2 of the more important positions on the O-line. On the defensive side of the ball you have 2 young but talented CBs in Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, with Davis especially looking like he could soon be a Pro Bowler. You also have Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett as the middle LBs to provide veteran leadership. And you have a strong D-line with Cameron Wake, Randy Starks, Kendall Langford, and Jared Odrick.

As you probably noticed, there are still a few holes that need to be filled with good players, the biggest of those being at the most important position, and one that the Rams happen to already have filled, and that is at QB. But I believe that the Dolphins not currently having a franchise QB is actually a positive point for Fisher. We have all heard about the drama that went on in Tennessee between Fisher and Bud Adams over Vince Young. In Miami, Fisher would be able to choose his own QB to build the team around, and would not be stuck with a QB that another person picked, like he was forced to do with Young. Whether that would be trading up to draft Luck or RG3 or getting someone through FA or trade would be up to him. The point is that Fisher would be able to pick his own guy, and would not have somebody else's guy forced upon him like he had with Young. But overall, the Dolphins have a lot fewer holes in their roster to fill than the Rams do, so they would not necessarily need as many draft picks to try and fill those holes, and could use those to trade for the QB that he wants.

The second reason as to why I think Jeff Fisher should choose the Dolphins over the Rams ties in with the previous one. Since Fisher had such a problem with Bud Adams forcing Vince Young on him and demanding that he play, it's been said that one of the things that he is asking for is to have final say over personell. Now, originally this would have been a negative for the Dolphins and a positive for the Rams as the Dolphins have Jeff Ireland as a GM while Fisher would be able to choose his own GM with the Rams. But recently it has been reported that the Dolphins have offered to make Fisher the Executive Vice President of Football Operations, the position previously held by Bill Parcells. This would give Fisher the power to keep or replace Ireland, or to overrule any personell decisions Ireland would make. It is also being reported that the Rams are not willing to give Fisher that amount of power. Now, whether or not he should have that amount of power is a totally different discussion, and not one that I am trying to start in this post. But what this boils down to is that choosing the Dolphins would give him the power and freedom to build the team his way if he felt that he needed to upgrade a position or to replace a player.

The third big issue is one that I know has been talked about over and over here at TST, and one that most of you wish would just go away. And that of course is the potential of the Rams moving to LA. Fisher had to deal with the Oilers moving from Houston to Memphis, and then moving from Memphis to Nashville when they became the Titans. And while Fisher did manage to do a pretty decent job given all that turmoil, it does not seem like something he would like to repeat. There have been no certain answers given as to whether the Rams are going to be relocating or not, so Fisher would be coming into more of an unknown situation were he to coach St. Louis. The Dolphins on the other hand, are a more stable franchise in that regards and they will not be leaving Miami. And due to the previously mentioned Oilers/Titans moves, I think that that stability is a big selling point in favor of the Dolphins.

Those are the main reasons that I think Jeff Fisher should choose the Miami Dolphins over the St. Louis Rams to coach. A more stable and filled roster that would require rebuilding at fewer positions and allow him to contend for playoffs and championships sooner. The stability of having a team that is definitely not going to be relocating. And the flexibility to be able to get the players that he wants, and not be stuck with the players that somebody else wants.

Now, I know that a lot of this post will sound pretty homerish of me, but I think that is part of the point of what is was supposed to convey. I was trying to show why Miami was the better location than St. Louis, so I will obviously be pointing out the Dolphins strengths, just as I would expect you guys to do with the factors that favor the Rams in this situation. I hope that this gives you guys a good insight into what a Dolphins fan thinks the team has to offer that makes it a better choice than the Rams. Also, I want to thank Douglas M for asking me to write this and I hope that it serves whatever purpose he wanted it to.

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