Rams vs. Eagles

Do any Mizzou fans remember that one game last year? I think you remember without me even saying which it was. Well if you dont know, I am talking about the Mizzou-Oklahoma game. It was just amazing how for the first time that I remember, and maybe the first ever, we beat the number one team in the country. And the first time in many years we beat OU. Nobody who was a claimed "expert" predicted us to come on top expect mabye a few looking for a upset.

The story went: A great Oklahoma team with few holes, some pretty good WR's, A very good running back, and a pretty good QB. And the here comes the Tigers. A good QB with great potential, but no real threats at WR(at least that's what they thought) but one pretty good TE. Three young running backs, and a experienced offensive line. And a defense who had done well against the lesser competition we had played, but  nobody knew how they were going to do against this explosive offense of OU. 

Does this remind you of some team in the NFL? Maybe a team called the Rams. Lets see, a QB with great potential. Got it. Underrated WR's in DX, Brandon Gibson, and Danny Amendola. You be we have that. A running back who isnt underrated at all, but has some backups at the position to give him rest. A O-line who isnt exactly experienced through the whole line, but is very solid thoughout. And a UNDERATED defense. Talk about de ja vu or however you spell it. 

Luckily, I am going to be able to be at this game and see it first hand. I am very excited to see how this turns out. I have some keys to the game if you want to call them that. So here we go.

1. RUN THE FRICKIN BALL!!! Simple, use one of the Eagles only weaknesses, linebackers, to our advantage. Use Harvey Dahl and Jason Smith to open holes and let Steven Jackson run over those guys, sooner or later that can open a playaction even against their amazing corners. One play is all you need to score and we should be able to catch them leaning towards the run one or two times if we stick to it.

2. Get Lance Kendricks the ball. Use one of the Eagles only other weaknesses on the whole team besides their o-line. Use his tall frame and good speed to create mismatches. If he is on, then it could be a long day for the Eagles.

3. Please, please, please get inside Micheal Vick's head. Basically all that means is SACKS!!! Get pressure, get him nervous, and take him down. The only thing that can be bad about pressure is if he can somehow get around us and run for some yards. But I expect Chris Long to get a sack or two, and I wouldnt be surprised if JL55 got one. 

4. Mikell needs to be ready.

Dear Mr. Mikell,

It appears you have been released from the Eagles only to be picked up by the Rams (Congrats on that by the way). Now you have the opportunity to play them week one this season. Now what ya gonna do 'bout it?

I think Mikell will be very ready and might even be able to come up with a pick. He will make his team sorry they let go of him.


Now it's not like I am predicting a blowout by either team. In the end, I could easily see it coming down to the final drive. It's just a matter of who comes ready to play. My prediction is 24-21 Rams. I think the underrated Rams may not be so underrated after this game if all goes well. 

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