Vern N LC Week 1 Predictions



                                        VERN                                                                            LC


Vern " Hey ya'll, how ya doin?"

LC "Greetings to da great state of Missouri!"

Vern "Since wez already talked bout da Rams game how bout da rest of em."

LC "Sure, da one I want to talk first about is New Orleans vs. Green Bay."

Vern "Da defending champs will win 24-21."

LC "Nooop, da Saints will win 21-19."

Vern "How bout Atlanta vs. Chicago."

LC "Da Falcons had da best record last year, Dey win 24-13."

Vern "Yeah, da Bears have a good defense but Atlanta wins 21-10."

LC "We better hurry up, all dem other perts are pickn games toooo."

Vern "OK, wat bout Pitsburg vs. Baltimore, I'm pickn da Steelers 21-10."

LC "I'll agree dat da Steelers will win, but 17-14."

Vern "Dang, we have da pick dis one Cincinnati vs. Cleveland."

LC "A stinkr fer sure, but da Browns are lookn better 21-9."

Vern "Yeap, da Bengals are hurtn. Da Browns win 17-7."

LC "Indianapolis vs. Houston looks to be a close one."

Vern "Naw, no Peyton, no chance fer da Colts. Houston wins 28-17."

LC "Yer right. Texans win 24-14."

Vern "Tennessee vs. Jacksonville, is dis one worth watchn?"

LC "Titans vs. Jaguars does sound like da movie."

Vern "I'm pickn da Titans 21-7."

LC "Ya sure bout dat? Titans win 24-3."

Vern "Den ders Buffalo vs. Kanas City."

LC "Ho hum, Chiefs 14-10."

Vern "Come on LC, dis one the Bills win 21-20."

LC "Here's a good um, Detroit vs. Tama Bay."

Vern "Sure nuff, da Lions are improved, but da Bucs win 28-24."

LC "Whoaa Vern, da Lions win 24-17."

Vern "Carolina vs. Arizona, wat bout dis one?"

LC "Got feel sorry fer dem Panthers, Arizona wins 24-10."

Vern "Dis is my upset of week. Panthers beat Cards 17-14."

LC "Next is Minnesota vs. San Diego."

Vern "I'm dinkn da Chargers are fer real. Chargers win 33-17."

LC "We agree on dis one. Vikings lose 28-10."

Vern "Dis one I'm going to need a few beers fer, Seattle vs. San Francisco."

LC "Vern, better bring on da hard stuff, Seahawks 13-7."

Vern "LC, it won't be dat close, 49ers lose 20-10."

LC "New York Giants vs. Washington, a tough one to pick."

Vern "Yeaaap, dat division is close top to bottom. Giants win 21-17."

LC "Redskins are home, I'm pickn dem 17-14."

Vern "Another good game, Dallas vs. New York Jets."

LC "Dis will be a defensive battle, Jets win 17-10."

Vern "Wat LC, da Cowboys n defense? Jets win 24-10."

LC "Here's da blow out of da week New England vs. Miami."

Vern "Seems like dem Patriots are good every year, New England wins 30-14."

LC "Dem Dolphins do have sum issues, Miami loses 27-7."

Vern "And on da Monday night game, Oakland vs. Denver."

LC "And maybe da hardest one to pick dis week, Raiders win 17-14."

Vern "Hehehe, and da Raiders will eat some Tebow steak, Raiders 21-17."

LC "Vern, yer making me hungry. Now I have a taste fer sum Gator."

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