What i think about every position of the rams starting teams

Okay im really amped about this sundays game and board as shit sooo ya here we go...


Sam Bradford- I hate him we should have taken Suh, but no seriously he's everything you could hope for in a franchise quarterback cool, calm, accurate, the media loves him, the ladies love him and  most importantly the fans love him. I remember telling all of my friends we were drafting him instead of suh even after the shoulder injury and boy do i know my rams cuz we took him. Great Pick Great Quarterback.

AJ Feely- We should have kept Thad instead but what the hell. If sam goes down no we wont score as many points but he's a vet he can do SOMETHING out there.



Steven Jackson- STILL one of the best runningbacks in the league. 1st down 2nd down 3rd down he's the perfect runningback and anyone who doesnt agree eat shit and die. He's going to have a great season behind what i think is one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Im just mad i couldnt get him in my fantasy draft.


Cadillac- Im not going to lie i didnt really are when we picked him up, i was more excited about getting norwood, but after watching him in preseason i must say it nice to have him. he can catch the ball and runs pretty hard but since we have steven i dont really care much about him.

Jerious Norwood- NOW THIS GUY. I know he didnt do much in preseason but i watched the guy play in atlanta and he can literally break for a touchdown at any time. We havent had a running back like that since marshall people. Fucking madden this year made everybody fast so i cant really use him that much but if we had him last year oh boy.


Wide Recievers:

Mike Sims Walker- I think he's going to have 1000 yards this year call me optimistic. He's big fast he's no julio but ill take him over laurent robinson any day.

Brandon Gibson- I've always liked Brandon ever since we traded Will Witherspoon for him (which i still dont understand to this day) I think he's the perfect number 2 reciever he'll catch the ball and get a couple extra yards with it. Really underrated by fans of st louis, look out for him too.

Danny Amendola- Is this guy wes welker or is this guy wes welker? I love him for what he did for sam last year but i have a sneaking suspicion he's not going to be in st louis much longer because greg salas is the same type of reciever and more athletic.

Danario Alexander- I have no problem with keeping danario over donnie and heres why: who had some of the most memorable moments of the season last year? Danario Alexander. Who when we needed him and expected him to have a breakout season last year was on injured reserve? Donnie Avery.

Greg Salas- Really gritty player that can make the tight catches and get extra yards. Think Danny Amendola 2.0 except he's a rookie so keep danny out there.

Austin Pettis- eh


Brit Miller- does all the dirty work and if you watch him he's not afraid to stick his head in there and give the defender a thump. I was mad we released karney but brit will be ok.

Tight End:

Lance Kendricks- Not gonna lie i was prepared for another year of daniel fells and was pretty pissed when we drafted kendricks but i must say he's pretty good. Good speed, falls forward, if i find out he can block i might just bust one all over this keyboard (go ahead someone say he can block, i dare you) I dont know if any of you watched sam in college but he LOVES his tight end, he threw to jermaine gresham so much you would have thought he threatened him before every game. Fantasy tip: i literally didnt pick a tight end until the final couple of rounds because i knew nobody would take kendricks, trust me he will put up numbers.

Billy Bajema- Big and can block what more can you ask for in a tight end? Oh you want him to catch to? Well Billy can do a little of that but thts not why we have him on the field i just want him to go out there and pop a couple linebackers so steven can get some extra yards and he can most certainly do that.

Michael Hoomawhatever- I know he can be a good tight end and him and kendricks would be deadly but im running out of patience with the guy, injured most of last year and most of the preseason now i find out he's not playing in the opener? These injuries better be a fluke cuz if he doesnt start playing he's not going to be with us much longer and that would be a shame cuz hes actually pretty good.  


Oline (Im just going to do the starters cuz thats all i really care about)

Rodger Saffold- Pretty quick for his size hes what you envision your left tackle being. Needs to get tougher but its only his second year so we'll see..

Jacob Bell- ehh to me hes just soso i feel like next year we're going to draft or sign his replacement and he'll be gone. I am happy as shit that we restructured his contract cuz we just didnt have anybody else to play the position (fuck goldberg)

Jason Brown- Really under performing his contract but maybe it was because of who he played next to last year (fuck goldberg)

Harvey Dahl- Thank God we got this guy the right side of our line is nasty! The addition of Dahl in my mind gave us a top 10 offensive line/ With him we're nasty, athletic, and seasoned. He's easily an upgrade over who was there last year (fuck goldberg)

Jason Smith- I think you gys are too critical of the man which is understandable he was the 2nd overall pick but he's a pretty good run blocker and now that sam knows how to manuveur the pocket his pass blocking looks better too. I cant wait to see him and goldberg... wait fuck goldberg, him and dahl bulldoze lineman on the right side.

I'll do defense too if people actually bother to read this

....fuck goldberg

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