They call it 'PFT' for a reason

Or at least now I know why.  'PFT'........the sound you make when you scoff at something completely ridiculous, or the sound of a silent-but-deadly/silent-but-violent gaseous excursion of the backside.  Either way, just became synonymous with the aforementioned.  I regularly visit the site, simply because I like the basic style that they deliver the headlines, and typically it's punctual and relevant.  Tonight, I'd have to say, they've let one slide..........(fart pun intended)

Mike Florio just posted his 'Week Zero Power Rankings' and has placed our beloved Rams at spot #21.  21......really?  I feel as though his impression of our team, post undefeated preseason has diminished.  Is it possible that others feel the same?  He has placed us behind:  


17.  Cardinals:  The Kevin Kolb trade already was a success; Larry Fitzgerald has signed an extension.

18.  Colts:  Serious concerns regarding No. 18 justifies putting the Colts at that same position.

19.  Jaguars:  With more than $35 million in cap space and Luke McCown as the starting quarterback, it’s hard not to wonder whether Wayne Weaver simply wants to stuff his mattress with cash this year.

20.  Raiders:  That 6-0 record in the AFC West gets tested immediately on Monday night.

....before mentioning our squad, saying

21.  Rams:  A new offense and limited opportunities to teach Sam Bradford to run it could cause the Rams to take a step backward this year.


Wow..........that's his impression of our offense, and he's made no mention of a defense that should be much-improved.  Frankly, I stopped the list at 17 because 1.) they've got the Cardinals ranked ahead of us, and 2.) I think we're hands down better than the 4 teams he's ranked ahead of us. 

Someone please tell me how it is that article, after post, after thread, after blog, after anything written in English has touted Josh McDaniels as a QB guru, who's made Brandon Lloyd look like Jerry Rice, yet our offense could 'take a step backward this year.'  Maybe I just don't like what I'm reading.  Don't know that I place to much stake in it, because a week one win would surely change his (and many others) opinions, but I wanted to know my fellow Rams fans thoughts on this ranking.  Shocked me.........PFT, your acronym sounds much like your prognostications....and I don't like the smell of it!

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