TST Power Rankings: Week 4

Jim Harbaugh complains the Ravens aren't high enough on the latest TST Power Rankings.

Another drubbing, another drop. We weren't kind to the Rams this week, as they occupy nearly the last spot on the rankings. But wait! Some of us are putting Buffalo and Detroit in the top 5? You have to check this week's power rankings out. Madness I say!

Team Douglas M ram_rod 3k Avg (+/-) Say What?

Green Bay Packers
1 1 1



Rodgers is the winning constant on a team filled with depth and every position. Their biggest challenge this year will be... I can't believe I'm saying this... the Detroit Lions - Doug

New Orleans Saints
2 2 4



They remind me of the 2009 team that won the Super Bowl... The game against the Texans will make anyone's "Best of 2011" game list - Doug

Baltimore Ravens
3 4 3



I'm sure the Ravens would like to play the Rams every game of the season. Hopefully for them Joe Flacco will rediscover his mojo after his career game - Eric

Detroit Lions
4 3 7



While the length of the season may show holes in this team, right now they are a true force in the NFL - Doug

Pittsburgh Steelers

6 7 6



Once again the Steelers are sneaking up the charts. It appears AFC Supremacy is up for grabs. -Eric

Philadelphia Eagles
7 9 5



Vick's hand isn't broken, so the QB card with the image of the "Strange Prince Vince" hopefully doesn't have to be played. Their Jillion $$$ defensive secondary needs to live up to the hype after Eli "the mad" Manning picked away at them for a win. -Doug

Houston Texans

8 6 8



This team isn't 'elite' yet. They need to find that killer instinct to put away the best teams in the league -Eric

New England Patriots
16 5 2



 Yeah, they don't deserve being here. But Brady's 4 ints put them in the penalty box for this week. The Pats pass D is showing some big holes. They should be at #4, but couldn't resist putting Detroit and Buffalo back to back - Doug

Buffalo Bills
5 8 14



I don't think anyone in America isn't rooting for the Bills. This team has the just the right amount of talent to go along with huge determination. Any Given Sunday, right? - Eric

New York Jets

9 10 10



The Jets keep teetering back and forth. With Buffalo now in the mix, can they keep up the three headed race? -Eric

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13 11 9



 Josh Freeman needs to win a game in the first half sometime soon. The Bucs defense is stronger than some originally thought. - Doug