Random Ramsdom 9/28: Cardinals Playoff Push

Now I know a lot of you don't give a crap about baseball, but right now the St. Louis Cardinals are tied with the Atlanta Braves in the Wild Card with one game left in the season.  The Cardinals were 10.5 games out about a month ago, but have made a great rally to try and make the playoff.  I will be rooting for them tonight against the Houston Astros as I hope most of you are.  For now let's get back to football and the links.

Rams sign Rod Hood

Hood is certainly a Spags' type of corner.  He has good size at 5' 11" and 202 lbs.  He also has had 14 career ints in 73 games, which is a very impressive number.  The concern, of course, is that he tore his ACL last season and hasn't played since, but the Rams wouldn't have signed him if the medical team didn't clear him.

Rams defense getting worse?

Jim Thomas from stltoday.com explored how the Rams defense is doing this season, and they are doing pretty bad as all the team is.  Right now the Rams are 31st in total defense (32nd in rush, 19th in pass), they only have two takeaways, second worst in the NFL, and they are 26th in 3rd down defense.  The Rams defense was suppose to be the strong point of the team this season, and they will have to improve if the Rams want to turn this ship around.

Spags still angry at Harbaugh?

Marc Sessler of NFL.com wrote an article that said the AP reported that after Spags got home after Sunday's loss to the Ravens and John Harbaugh he instructed his wife they will never talk to the Harbaughs again.  He obviously was just overreacting to the Ravens apparent attempt to run up the score and Spags calmed down a bit.

"Let me tell you something: John Harbaugh's a competitor now. So I know that in him," Spagnuolo said. "I've got no problem with it. I did feel one way yesterday, but I calmed down and looked at it."

Rams' fans partially to blame?

In an article form SBNation St. Louis, Aaron Hooks explained how people seem to not care that the Rams are bad.  No one is angry (obviously he hasn't been reading TST).  He then said how this contributes to the reason that none of the Rams seem to be pressing.  The fans, in his opinion, don't care enough.  I can see his point but there's a reason the fans don't care.  The team has flat out sucked for the last few years.  In order to get critics you actually have to be kind of good.

Where's the anger? The team leaders ripping into the play these three weeks? The coaches vowing big changes? The talk of the hot seats?

I can't find it.

And I'm not surprised.

Because that's what losers do—find a way to rationalize it and move on without ever addressing the problem.


That's all I got for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!

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