Anger and Confusion

 Hello BroRams, sorry i haven't posted in a while. No excuses, lets just get down to business

    We lose again.. And i know that everyone is starting to get that "oh no... here we go again.." feeling. But don't. This is nothing like that past. We are actually pretty good this year i promise. all of our Fair weather fans will be pessimist as usual. Let them fret as they always will. In the mean time all of you people who actually think with your heads and are no longer as volatile as you were Monday night and Tuesday, we can be level headed about this

   First, Sam "the Ram" Bradford actually threw the ball deep!!! Everyone saw that right? 300 yard games are nothing to be sarcastic about because we all know how difficult they can actually be to obtain.

   Second, Danario Alexander was at least on the active roster and did actually get to see the ball up close for a change. 3 receptions for 122 yards and a late game touchdown show how important this kid really is and can be in our offensive game plan.

  Third, CONGRATULATIONS to rookie Robert Quinn on his first career sack, hopefully he understands that he might actually have to work for the rest of them.

   Fourth, not a bad job on pressuring Baby Manning by the D-Line, they were in his face the majority of the night on Monday, and continued to Harass him throughout the game gathering another 3 sacks.

   Fifth, Mike Sims-Walker finally was targeted and actually had by anyone's standards a pretty good game.

   Now, for the ugly truth. The Rams were not trying to win at the end of the game. They Spagnuola was simply trying to not be embarrassed anymore. We did have a ridiculous amount of penalties, I will admit it seemed like the Refs were on the Giants pay-roll. Dumb dumb dumb mistakes bit us in the ass. Not hustling for the ball during the backwards pass, a dropped punt return. etc.

   Look we all should know that were not out of the race just yet. And, probably wont be unless we go win less through the first half of the season (which is a possibility). But for all of you cry babies wanting Spagnuola out really need to wake up and smell the coffee. All of that optimism we felt during the Off-season was earned by Coach Spags. He put the Rams in a position to win. At this level of the game he should not have to be teaching millionaires that dropped passes and dumb penalties are bad. That is not his responsibility, That should have been taught to these players years ago. So don't spit on the man, did he mismanage the game? Hell yes. But this is something that can and will be corrected. Trust me Spags is a perfectionist and is simply finding his footing in Big games or simply winning at all.


     -Lots of yards

    -Receivers getting a lot better

    -D-Line continuing to pressure


    - Dumb mental mistakes

    - Bad Game management

    - Major injuries still hurting us

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