What players on rams team could they win a super bowl with?

I will start this by saying win a super bowl now not, with there future devolpment (rookies). So lets look at it.


Bradford is all that matters and he is a yes. Bet by half way through this season we will be going crazy about his greatness in red zone. YES 


Steven Jackson is a beast and the backups are capable. YES


The rams have all the right pieces here other than the number one. I think they get that in this years draft. Imagine  1. Justin Blackmon 2. MSW 3. Amendola (slot) 4. Gibson 5. Alexander, i think if blackmon is as good as i think he will be that is a dam good lineup. NO


Ehh, if Uh OH and Kendricks are as good as we think the will be, we will be fine. Bajama has got to go, he isnt even that good of a blocker and he cant catch so, whats the point. Couldn't hold off Tuck for even 1 seconds. They need to upgrade him to someone who can hold off a defensive end for lets say enough time where bradford can hit his hot route. NO


This group just confuses me, 4 out of five of them are great players, and they still cant do anything well. Jason Smith needs to be on the hot seat. He is a number 2 pick,  and he has got to get his stuff together. I think they could with rest of line, maybe its new offense? This group should look better. YES, as long as they play like they should.


The Best part of team. All they could use is maybe a second round DT. Mike Martin out of Michigan is a beast, but doesnt have great stats cause, rest of dline is horrible. This coming from a big time michigan fan. These guys makes rest of d look better than they are. YES


Laurinaitits is a beast, changing d when qb audibles, he is making next step. The rest of the linebackers suck and though better than last year still aren't good enough. NO

Defensive Backs

Mikell is a beast, big improvement over atogwe. He plays run defense great. The corners are good, when there not injured. They need to replace dahl though, he might be the worst player EVER at taking angles on blitz's. He cant cover either, so what is he good at? Darian Stewart  might be answer, but he hasn't past Dahl in practice so. ALMOST YES, when healthy 

5 out of 8 

1 QB, 1 RB, 0.75 Oline, Dline 1.5, DB 0.75 

Your Thoughts

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