A Love/Hate Relationship

Another week in the books and the Rams have driven me to drinking again.  Time to vent while this alcohol is still coursing through my veins and the anger sharks are swimming in my head.  Another week of ups and downs.  Great plays choked by horrible mental mistakes.  Bright spots blanketed by miserable and unforgivable failure.  I'm going to start with what I loved about the rams today to try and cheer myself up a bit before I sink into the hatred that made my blood boil for so much of this game.

Spread the Love

Wide Receivers: Danario Alexander's and Mike Sims-Walker's hands where like pud.  You couldn't whack the ball out of their hands with an iron rod.  DX came to play today, and I loved every deep ball he grabbed today, especially that TD.  Sky-Walker proved he can be a reliable go to guy for Sam as well, and lord knows Sam needs more of that.  Gibson had another 50 yard game too, and I didn't notice him drop any big passes today.  A much better performance today from some of our receivers, for some others.... They will be mentioned later.

Running Backs: I have nothing nice to say about our running back play today..... Caddy made some nice blocks in pass protection today..... There.

The O Line:  For the most part, they gave Bradford a lot of time to throw and kept him upright, allowing just 2 sacks on the night.  That's pretty impressive considering their opponent.  Sam had a pretty good pocket to stand in and he made a lot of throws down field on his way to 330 passing yards.

The Sam Bradford: Loved it.  Lots of passes down field, to hell with the dink and dunk.  330 passing yards on 22 completions.  Me likey.  He made some really nice throws, especially those deep ones to DX, and flashed some great timing with MSW and Gibson.  Not perfect obviously, but he did look good.

The Tight Ends: Again, I've got nothin.  No one showed up as far as I'm concerned.  Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but I probably won't believe you.

The Defense: Our poor defense seemed to do everything they could to keep us in this game while the mental mistakes and blown plays did everything they could to keep us out.  For most of the game, our defense looked very good.  We got pretty good pressure on Manning, with 3 sacks and a load of hurries, contained their best WR Nicks pretty well and held their RBs to under 4 YPC for the majority of the game.  I think they served up the Giants 3 or 4 straight 3 and outs in the first half too. 

The Hate Train

The Wide Receivers: Gibson disappeared.  He only managed 1 reception in the entire 2nd half.  That is not the consistency we need out of our WRs.  All of our receivers looked slower than molasses in January.  MSW was able to get separation and consistently make the catch, but after the catch?  He looked slower than our TEs.  Gibson didn't look much quicker.  DX was able to make the deep catches, but that was because of his size, not his speed.  Greg Salas....... Greg mother @#$%ing Salas.  Talk about not ready for prime time.  Dropped the punt on his first action as a returner, exactly what I was worried about having a rookie return kicks.  That leads to the Giant's first touchdown.  Then he drops a first down catch on the 2 or 3 yard line.  He dropped a few others in this game too and pretty much had a terrible terrible game.  I would say he single handedly lost us the game, but he was dropping balls with both hands.  You can say "It's a team game", but do you honestly think we would have lost that game if we had Amendola taking care of the returns and the short yardage catches that Salas failed so miserably on?  I think not.

Running Backs: Cadillac..... OH CADDY WHY!  Such a good performance last week, and then you follow it up with this bag of assholes?  Could get next to nothing out of the rush, and then gave the giants their 2nd touchdown off a failed lateral, and didn't show the awareness required of a veteran when he didn't even pursue that shit.  Norwood didn't impress.  I keep waiting to see this speed everyone was talking about.

The O Line: Stuffed on the run.  I'm not sure how much even the mighty SJAX could have done with the shit holes our O line was giving.  Especially on the goal line.  Our run game didn't stand a prayer against their goal line defense, and we were relegated to trying to pass from less than 5 yards out, and then failing at that, kicking chip shot field goals.  It should be illegal to kick field goals from inside the 5.

The Sam:  I loved it all.  Well, he had less than 50% completion rate, but our receivers are garbage and we couldn't run the ball.  Add in desperation time throws towards the end of the game.

The Tight Ends: This vaunted 2 TE set I keep hearing about is still a no show. Uh oh got 1 that came up short of a 1st down, Kendricks had 1 long reception and looked lost on several plays.  Bajema missed blocks and dropped passes.  Pretty poor performance out of our TEs.  Kendricks needs to get his head on straight.

The Defense: Again it seems towards the end of the game our defense wanes.  When we really needed them to come up big and get a stop towards the end of the game, they let the Giants run out about 5 minutes of time.  Blown coverages and stupid penalties by our DBs..... Well, mostly King.  King has a million dollar pair of legs with a 10 cent fart for a brain.  And Craig Dahl should not be a starting safety.  I love that he can play the run, but his lack of coverage skills were obvious on that circus Dixon catch.  He was right there, if he just gets his head around for a second, he at least swats the ball, if not picks it off. 


I'm tired and drunk now.  I'm going to bed.  Fuck the 9ers.

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