Quarter by Quarter Breakdown Prediction-Rams vs Eagles

Okay, Im bored, Baylor is pulling away from TCU....So im gonna predict how the Rams and Eagles game is gonna go. By stats, plays and some other stuff I'll think of while I write this...Im not a good writer, as I am in 6th Grade. Just kidding, I'm a few years older than that.....Lets Go

1st Quarter-Okay, im pretty sure there will be a few mistakes made by BOTH teams. With the lockout and other things in the way....Everybody is gonna be rusty, and make a few fouls here and there. Sam will have a touchdown in this first quarter, and so will Dog Killer (Michael VIck). The Eagles will be more interested in Steven Jackson early on, as he is the Heart Of The Team...Look for some pressure to stop SJAX. End of Quarter Score------ Eagles-7 Rams-7

2nd Quarter- Sam keeps on handing it off to SJAX, but Eagles seem to be holding up. McDaniels seems committed to the run game....Poor Sam throws a costly interception on own side of the field. Dog Killer takes advantage and runs in for a TD. McD still running and Eagles Defense starting to get wore out. But, drive stalls because of a holding penalty from (insert here). Eagles get ball and score a field goal. Things aren't looking good  heading to the half. Half-------Eagles-17 Rams-7

3rd Quarter- McD still running the ball, announcers starting to criticize....SJAX cant get going. Sam keeps us in the game with a field goal. Sam is having a great game, but not throwing much. Dog Killer throws a pick himself at midfield. But the Rams can only turn it to a Field Goal (Pat Shurmer Memories) Dog Killer still is going good, gets a field goal, thanks to a 30 yard run from LeSean McCoy. 3rd Quarter Score-------- Eagles-20 Rams-13

4th Quarter-4Here we go, McD still running the ball. Ineffective in first 3 minutes of quarter. THEN.... WABAM.. Defense tired of tackling the big 6'2 dude. SJAX runs crazy that drive and looks good. SJAX scores a TD. McD starting to look Brilliant.Dog Killer still cant do anything, Defense looks sharp. Holds them to a 3 and out. Eagles a little scared but they stop them too. Eagles have the ball and drive down the field to score only a field goal. Rams goal-line stand. Defense stuffs Lesean McCoy at 1 yard line. Sam gets the ball with 3:23 left. McD runs SJAX til' the 2 minute warning. Here we go.....Sam drives them down the field to the goal line. McD has a decision. Run SJAX on 3rd and Goal or throw..Its a Play Action Pass to LANCE KENDRICKS!!! with :14 left on the clock. ED JONES DOME IS GOING CRAZY!!!!!!   FINAL SCORE--------- Eagles 23 Rams- 27



SAM- 14 OF 20    227 YARDS   2 TD

SJAX- 30 Carries   186 YARDS RUSHING     2 CATCHES 14 YARDS   1 TD






CONCLUSION- McD looks like a Genius. We win, people question Eagles like they questioned Miami HEAT when they lost the first game...After this Eagles will be fine. People around the league will take us for real now! Oh, and Mark Clayton does not play..PUP list and WE WINNING NFC WEST!!!!!!! Also, was this good? I might do this during the regular season?

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