AmpLee's 53 (Part 1)

As I am watching the Cards implode against the Reds and getting severely pissed off, I thought to myself, "Isn't there something better to do?"  Well, yes.  Yes there is!  Try to do the impossible and guess the 53 man roster!  Here's to an exercise in futility and fun:

QB (2)

Sam  ---- Duh.

Super Thad ----- Look at it this way.  If Sam goes down we are screwed every which way.  Why not get screwed with a very talented player on the rise.  Don't give me that Feely is a good teacher crap either.  Sam is smart enough to hold his colored pencils on his own.  BTW: did anyone actually see Feely in the pocket.  It was turrble.  Plus, frees up a lil scrilla' for a WR killa (cornerback).

RB (3)

SJax  + Caddy + Norwood = Awesome backfield

WR (7)

Alexander ----- Just can't let him go.  Too tough, too tall, too good to cut.  I can't do it.  He stays, dammit.

Amendola ----- Go, Baby Danny, go!  Get that slant, boy!

Avery -----  Can't let go of the YAC attack.  Dude can fly.  Turned a 4 yard gain into about 25 in 3 seconds flat.

Gibson  ------  Hope he lives up to the preseason raves.  The absolute brain dump on the opening drive last night gave me visions of 2010.  Get those ojos in that libro juego, mofo.

Pettis ---- Too much promise to just dump after being taken in the top 100.  Stick with this kid.  Gotta feelinboutim.

Salas --- For some reason this kid reminds me of a WR that P. Manning would throw to bout 20 times a game.

Sims Walker  ------ You are doing something right if you can catch 14 TDs in just 2 years in Jacksonville.

Bye Mardy Gilyard.  The some of all these different parts can completely cover up anything you can do.

TE (4)

Big Lance ----  Ladies and Gentlemen, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?!

Fendi ----- One overlooked part of this pre season:  Fendi's blocking.  It's been very, very good.  Check the tape.

Uh-Oh ---- Love this guy when healthy but he better be doin' mitzvahs for fucking something or other.

Billy Baj ----- Have to have a clunky white guy TE on your active roster or the Football Gods will disown you.

O Line (8)

The Regs plus three:  Goldberg (small sigh), Fraley (more audible groan), and Ojinnakakska (huge disapproving fart sound).   Biggest must of the season:  5 healthy O-Linemen

Special Teams (3)

K - Brown P- Jones  LS* - Rookie money saving dude

*(Let's hope this don't bite us in blue and gold ass).


Was going to be all in one part but my daughter is throwing an absolute shit fit over her brother's toy.  Will return later.

27 down.  26 more to go.

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