The Hard Told Truth On Bulger

OK, now before i post anything i want everybody to know something first, i am in no way bashing a Rams hero. i grew up with the Greatest Show on Turf. i relive those days in my dreams. but towards the end of Kurt warners St. Louis career i think we can all agree that some things got a little fishy. And one thing i want to get across is that somebody appreciates Marc Bulger. I LOVED Marc, in my opinion he was one Helluva quarteback and was completely under-rated.


     Does Anybody remember towards the end of Kurts St. Louis days? In 2002 when the rams started off the season 0-5 under Warner and the incumbent Jamie Martin. Then the unknown Bulger came out of literally no where to take the Rams back into playoff contention at 5-5. Warner came back to go 0-2 before being injured for the season going 0-7 with 3 td's and 11 int's. whereas Bulger Finished the Season at 6-1 with 14 TD's and only 6 int's.


     Warner started off the season Earning his temporary nick name of Fumbilitis by hacing 6 fumbles in the opener against the Giants.Bulger had the GSOT temporarily return to greatness by winning 4 out of 5 games. By time warner was Healthy enough to return he had lost the starting job to Bulger, This being with Faulk injured for 5 weeks as well. Bulger led the Rams to finish with a 12-4 record and a First Round Bye in the playoffs.And Bulger finished the Season as Pro Bowl MVP


     The Rams become the first .500 team to ever Win a playoff game as Bulger finished the season with 21 TD's and 14 int's.

  Last few years of his career, Bulger would go on to have a couple more decent season and a few Awful season riddled with Injuries as the Team around him quickly aged like Milk. Point being if you go back and watch it all over again, Bulger Won with The Rams when Warner was no longer able to. He Continued to Not only Survive under Scott Linehan but Succeed. He Earned his starting job and never gave up when it seemed there was no hope. He became injury prone behind an Offensive Line that was years past its prime.Final Point is that we all find it incredibly Easy to put a lot of blame on Bulger for being so incompetent and frail, But this could not be any further from the truth.

Finally, this is a shout out to Marc, I still support you man, i was sad to see you retire on a low note. But thankyou for several years of Fun Football.





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