My 53 man roster all the way from New Zealand

Building my 53 man roster. This is difficult as in New Zealand we don’t get to see many games. I have caught a couple of moments via streaming and clips though.

To build the roster, I took every starter and a backup for each position barring special team specialists. As for the offensive line I took one reserve tackle, guard and centre. This totalled 42 players. That leaves nine spots. Based on camp and preseason work here’s I would give those 9 spots.


Offense: Thaddeus Lewis has showed enough to be the backup but I just can’t see the team going in with two young quarterbacks and no veteran experience. Jerious Norwood can be effective as a pass catcher and can handle a couple of carries a game. Greg Salas and Austin Pettis are the two third string receivers. However I am putting Clayton on PUP. Salas has been good for a rookie, Pettis unfortunately has gone missing in games, which is of concern. Ultimately he has 6 weeks in practice too prove his worth. It really comes down to Alexander or Pettis, but I think DX's injury concerns are more worrying. Tight End is also very interesting, Illinois Mike’s injuries have pretty much forced our hand as although three would help roster decisions four is a certainty. This means Onobun or Guidugli, this choice was harder than it should have been. Onobun is a bigger presence but Guidugli in my eyes is more versatile in that he could take some snaps in the backfield. However I think the staff wants to get him on the practice squad.


Defense: I think Selvie and Sims have shown enough to get spots on the roster, Ah You also offers qualities and is a Spags guy. I think Selvie is safe and I’m actually leaning towards Ah You, as I question Sims ceiling. Gary Gibson and Daniel Muir are solid players in the middle of the defensive line. Diles, Williams and Chamberlain are in a fight for their jobs. Williams has been impressive but ultimately all three could be kept, and this is the way I’m leaning right now. Hines, Nelson and Butler are also fighting for roster spots. Ultimately Darian Stewart rise, injuries and Jonathan Nelson have not helped Butler’s cause and he gets the chop.


Right that’s 53.Plus Clayton and Marquis Johnson on PUP. Here’s the thinking behind some of the guys who missed out.


Toston, In all honesty he was the hardest to cut. Unfortunately I don’t know if he plays special teams but as the 4th runningback I would think he would need to. If we didn’t sign both Cadillac and Norwood, Toston would be on the team. He also isn’t practice squad eligible.


Hank Fraley: In a battle with Ojinnaka, I just feel the coaches may make this move. They have had Quinn at center and in effect doing exactly what Fraley can do. Gut feel says they go with Ojinnaka.


Eugene Sims: I like this guy and if the team goes for 10 d-lineman he has a spot. The thing is, he would probably have to be on the team at the expense of a linebacker. If that’s the case I’m guessing any of Diles, Williams and Chamberlain are on the hot seat. Williams is practice squad eligible but has done well for an undrafted rookie, he’s my Darian Stewart for this season.

James Butler: Ultimately went for youth. The roster is risky because I only have four corners. The reason being I don’t see how any of the other corners has earned a spot, the next best corner is not one of the nine best remaining players to choose from. Therefore Jonathan Nelson gets the spot as he has lined up in the corner position as well as safety.


Danario Alexander and Mardy Gilyard, tonight these two in my mind made one play each. Unfortunately they also made a few errors, Gilyard had to show his ability on special teams but didn’t. Alexander made a big play but not much else. He also doesn’t strike me as a guy you can put on special teams with confidence due to injury issues. His injuries ultimately are a problem. It’s too long a season to try and manage his knee and hoping he makes a play here and there. I want the guy to do well, but I just think the time and place doesn’t fit the team. Clayton isn’t even on this 53 as I have him on PUP. I have to say I kind of expected Gibson to come out firing this season as a wideout and he certainly has. Ultimately Alexander didn’t follow his lead.


Interestingly I saw a video on NFL website and Torry Holt was talking about who could make plays. He worked with the guys during the lockout and he mentioned the team had the ability. He immediately mentions we have got Sims-Walker and Gibson, he then mentions Amendola, Salas, Pettis and Kendricks could also make plays. Interesting Alexander and Gilyard weren’t mentioned but nor did it look like it was coming.  


I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade of one of our wide receivers in particular Gilyard or Alexander.  Nor would I be surprised to see a move for a corner because four just sounds too little. If big moves happen tomorrow I may update otherwise here it is. I had a look at Tony Softli’s 53 and he has gone for three TE’s and 9OL. I just don’t know if the team cuts Hoomanawanui. He also has Kehl ranked quite a way ahead of Diles which is interesting. I think Kehl has better special teams value than Diles so I get an idea there. He however has Williams on the practice squad.


53 Man Roster

QB: Sam Bradford, AJ Feeley, Thaddeus Lewis

RB: Steven Jackson, Cadillac Williams, Jerious Norwood

FB: Britt Miller

WR: Brandon Gibson, Donnie Avery, Austin Pettis

WR: Mike Sims-Walker, Danny Amendola, Greg Salas

TE: Lance Kendricks, Billy Bajema, Michael Hoomanawanui, Fendi Onobun

OT: Rodger Saffold, Jason Smith, Renardo Foster
OG: Harvey Dahl, Jacob Bell, Adam Goldberg
C: Jason Brown, Quinn Ojinnaka


DE: Chris Long, James Hall, Robert Quinn, George Selvie, CJ. Ah You

DT: Fred Robbins, Justin Bannan, Gary Gibson, Daniel Muir
MLB: James Laurinaitis, Josh Hull

OLB: Brady Poppinga, Ben Leber, Zac Diles, Jabara Williams, Chris Chamberlain

CB: Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher, Al Harris, Justin King

S: Quintin Mikell, Darian Stewart, Craig Dahl, Jermale Hines, Jonathan Nelson


K: Josh Brown

P: Donnie Jones

LS: Jake McQuaide


PUP: Mark Clayton, Marquis Johnson


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