I need to blow off some steam!!!!!

Where to start? First off, let tell you this is not overreation Monday, this is me trying to blow off some steam because of a horrible game.

Lets start with the first possesion. Drive down the field to the one yard line. 1st and goal and we cannot punch it in. No blocking, no one can catch the ball. It was pathetic. Reminds me of the last three years. No offense in the red zone. Offensive line; how much are we paying you? Can you not make a hole push someone backwards when we get to the one yard line. Apparently not. Just like the announcers said, if the Giants are playing man coverage; somebody has to win again man coverage. You can tell we will miss Danny.

Salas, Salas, Salas...hold on to the ball buddy!!!

Next possesion, we drive down the field, get to the one yard line and again can't do anything. I must say I was jumping around like a mad man for kicking two field goals when we had the ball on the one yard line and the seceond inside the ten yard line. Horrible, putrid, dispicable, lousy, sickening.

Now I will harp on Bradford some. I realize there we drops. That sucks, but we had plenty of guys open and the ball was thrown way too low. If we are gonna harp on the receivers for dropping the ball, I am gonna harp on Bradford for throwing low balls. This is Bradford's second year and we need to see you step up. I think I counted five time that the receiver was open and Bradford threw horrible passes and wasn't even pressured. Again, we are paying Bradford how much? I want results!!!

Cadillac, bad luck on the lateral pass but I didn't see you trying to run and tackle when we realized it was a turnover. For pete sake, Bradford went running after the guy. He was the only one I saw running after them.

Jump to the second half and we are down eighteen points so we start our dink and dunk again. I mean c'mon really this crap again??!!!! We were blowing them away with the middle of the field and with Alexander. By the way, I will give props to DX; what an awesome game for you man. But again, we try to go conservative. Really down eighteen points and you want to get conservative??

Next, the officiating crew. Horrible calls. Pass interference on a guy holding onto King's jersey? Really, horrible call. Holding on Saffold??? No way!!! Rediculous!!!!! The giants were holding our guys all day in the red calls. Imangine that. I thinks the refs reallized they blew a couple of call and so they started calling them at the end of the game when it was too late. I think refs need to start being penalized for crappy calls. Defenses are penalized for being held by the other teams. It can't be tolerated in my opinion.

In the fourth quarter, we start to get some momentum back and I would think we would be in 4 down time. What do we do, punt. Punt? I just wanna ask a question to Spags: do you want to win a game? You don't punt when you are down two scores in the fourth quarter. I realize you are a defensive coach but I think it was pretty obvious we weren't gonna win on the defensive end. And to the last play of our last possesion. I believe it was 4th and 28. Punt with 1:28 on the clock and down by two scores. Again, I want to ask if we even want to win a game or just not look bad? I am inclined to say the latter. I will give props to the defense. Great game in my book. Congratulations to Quinn for his first sack.

I just want our coaches to know that we are not in the hunt to get Andrew Luck in next year's draft. But the way we played today against this beat up team, I guess Luck would be a nice back-up. I don't think the giants beat us. We clearly beat ourselves. Going against an even tougher team next week, I am just gonna pray. Again, I am blowing off steam because I can't go to sleep right now because of the lousiness. And I did refrain from cussing.

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