The Rams victims or winnners?

One of my favorite pitchers in Major League Baseball is John Lackey. Right now he is not playing well on the Red Sox. But I used to love watching him pitch when he was with the Angels. He was never one of those guys with "Electric stuff". He can throw low 90s with decent movement but he always had great location. The cool thing about Lackey is he will not be intimidated on the mound by any hitter. If you take his fastball out of the park, dont think you have eliminated that pitch for the rest of the night cause he comes right back at you with it. Lots of pitchers will get spooked by a hitter and stop throwing a certain pitch if they got jacked on it. But Lackey knows that the odds are if he puts the pitch in the right spot, the hitter cant hit it. So he sticks with it. I think he taught that to Weaver cause Weaver is the same way.


Anyways, what does this have to do with the NFL and the Rams. Well, I watched my team for most of the first quarter completely and utterly face plant the "Dream Team" into the Edward Jones Dome turf! The Offensive line was throwing around the Eagle Dline like a bunch of rag dolls in a Pit Bulls mouth. The Defense was blitzing a completely confused an on its heels Eagle offense.


Then it happened...


Bradford tripped and fumbled the football and the Eagles ran it in for a score. This almost in of itself knocked the wind out of this team. The second blow was Vick getting the complete luck pass into double coverage to Desean Jackson. After that, I noticed this kinda spooked the coaches and from that point, there was alot more 4 and 3 man rush with nickel and dime coverage which Vick either found his man with all that time or ran for a first down.



You can analyze the stats and point to dropped passes which would be true, those were the mechanical reasons that the Rams lost that football game. But here is the real reason they lost.

The Rams made 1 single mistake and the Eagles got 1 lucky big play and that was the crack of daylight the Eagles needed to get up off the deck. For the Rams, this was just enough to spook them into playing tight and playing not to screw up. The Rams made a mistake and the Eagles knocked it out of the park. But unlike John Lackey, the Rams chose to change the way they play the game instead of coming right back and bringing the heat....daring them to do it again.


But I think that this is what this team is going to learn this year. The Rams have too many players on their football team that are the right players that could give a rats ass who they are playing and what the score is, they are going to take it to you on every play. Unfortunately, these players keep getting injured. Danny Amendola, Steven Jackson, Ron Bartell, JL, and Sam Bradford. I guess it comes down to the cliche' "This team needs leadership!" This is true, but it is a little more than that. The Rams need to come right back with the fastball if they get punked by another team. Those previously mentioned are the guys that can counter punch in a game and show the rest of the team how to get back up!


That is what I am looking for out of this team this season. That is what I expect this team to do against the Giants. Until this happens, I feel they will continue to be a 7-9 football team that just missed the playoffs.

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