Giants vs Rams: Everything you wanted to know (or Ask A Giants Fan)

Hello Rams fans. Last Sunday was an extreme disappointment for both teams. On Monday Night, each of our beloved teams will try to put this bitter memory behind us. One team will win and promptly win the next 14 games onto a 15-1 record while the other will lose and never win another game and rival the 08 Lions for worst team ever.

Or something like that.

Anyways, I am the unofficial designated representative of BBV and post the "Ask a fan of team x" fanposts that many teams do. In addition to this, I decided to dig around and make this post more special. Beyond the jump is an overload of data.
Any feedback, corrections, or ideas (especially about the format) of this portion will be gladly accepted.

St. Louis Rams vs. New York Giants Stats

Rams Franchise Stats & Info

The St. Louis Rams were brought to life as the Cleveland Rams in 1936. In their last year in Cleveland, they beat the Redskins to win the 1945 NFL Championship. In 1946, they moved to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams became the first NFL team to integrate as the owners of the Los Angeles Coliseum refused to let the Rams use the stadium while segregated. In 1980, the Rams moved to Anaheim while keeping the "Los Angeles" name, before finally settling down in St. Louis in 1995 where they have been since. They are the ninth oldest team currently in the NFL.

Franchise Records and Statistics

Regular Season Wins-Losses-Ties* (%): 511-492-20 (.509)

The Rams have the 6th most wins and the 9th most losses in NFL history. Their .509 record is 21st overall. Their 26 ties them for 8th all time. (Their last tie was in 1976)

Playoff Record: 19-24 (.442)

Years in the Playoffs: 27

Division Championships: 15 (most recent in 2003)

The Rams have appeared in 5 NFL Championship Games** and 3 Super Bowls. They have won 2 NFL Championships (1945 & 1951), and 1 Super Bowl (1999 [XXXIV]).

Their last playoff appearance was the 2004 season which ended with a Divisional round loss to the Falcons after beating the Seahawks in the Wildcard round. 

The Rams have won a franchise best 14 wins once in 2001. They have had a single 13 win season (1999), four 12 win seasons (1973, 1975 [both were 14 game seasons], 1978, & 2003), and five 11 win seasons (1967, 1969, 1980, 1985, 1989).

[All records are Rams-Giants-Ties* (If applicable)]

Overall Series Record: 25-13-0 (.658)

Playoff Series Record: 1-1 (.500)

To my great surprise, the Rams have owned this rivalry. In fact, of all teams currently in existence, the Giants' .342 record is second worst to only the Ravens (.333). The Rams' supremacy is most evident during the 48 years they were the Los Angeles Rams, where they had an astonishing 20-8 (.714) record vs. the G-men. NY won the first contest, and would end up even while the Rams played in Cleveland (2-2 record), and are currently even while the Rams have called St. Louis home (4-4). The Giants currently have a 4 game winning streak dating to 2002.

*Ties count as half a win and half a loss

**NFL Championships are the final games in seasons before Super Bowl I in 1967


Current Coaches:

Steve Spagnuolo [Rams 2009-Present]
Regular Season: 8-24 (.250)
Post Season: 0-0

Vs. New York Giants

Spags has yet to play the Giants yet as a head coach.

Tom Coughlin [Jaguars (1995-2002), Giants (2004-Present)]

Regular Season: 133-107 (As Giants Coach: 65-47)

Post Season: 8-7 (As Giants Coach: 4-3)

Overall: 141-114


1996: 2-1 AFC Conference Title Loss

1997: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

1998: 1-1 Divisional Round Loss

1999: 1-1 AFC Conference Title Loss

2005: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

2006: 0-1 Wild Card Round Loss

2007: 4-0 Super Bowl Champions

2008: 0-1 Divisional Round Loss

Division Wins: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2008

Vs. St. Louis Rams
Coughlin is undefeated vs. the Rams as coach of the Giants. Coughlin was coach of the Jaguars for eight years yet only played them once. I have no idea how they figured out the schedules before there were 32 teams but it makes you (me) appreciate the current perfection of NFL schedule making.
Overall: 2-1

Jaguars: 0-1 (1996)

Giants: 2-0 (2005 & 2008)

Coughlin vs. Spagnuolo

This will be the first game between the two. The circle is now complete. When Spags left, he was but the learner; now we find out if he is the master.

Current Quarterbacks:

Sam Bradford

Bradford was drafted by the Rams 1st overall in the 2010 draft. In his rookie year he led the Rams to a 7-9 record.

Bradford has yet to play the Giants.

Eli Manning

Manning was drafted by the 2004 with the first overall draft. Since Eli's first start in Week 11 of the 2004 season, Manning has not missed a game. His 110 consecutive starts (including 7 playoff games) tie him for fifth overall with Joe Ferguson. Manning has a 60-43 (.583) regular season record, with a 4-3 playoff record. Manning has made the Pro Bowl once (in 2008) and was the MVP of Super Bowl 42.

Record v. Rams

Overall: 2-0 (2005, 2008)

(In both games the Giants scored more than 40 points)

Memorable Games

(Note: I'm probably almost definitely missing a good game. The only games I remember were Giant blow outs so if you find any please share. The ones I have may not even be memorable, but unfortunately PFR doesn't have a game awesomeness indicator)

1984 Playoffs: ( Giants attain the 2nd playoff win of the Parcells era over the Los Angeles Rams, 16-13

1989 Playoffs: Jim Everett upsets the Giants with a TD pass to Flipper Anderson (that name is so awesome) in overtime

2005: Not memorable, but Marc Bulger threw 62 passes in a 44-24 route by the Giants. No wonder Bulger has become so bad.


So enjoy and ask away. Also, I copy and paste this stuff from Word, which for some reason sometimes messes up. If you see something wrong please tell me and I'll fix it!

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