Dont Worry.... yet...

I think we can all agree that Sunday was horrendous to watch, But i don't know about anyone else, Sunday morning i woke up like a little kid on Christmas! i would rather watch the Rams lose than not watch them at all, Now for my opinion.

   Sam Bradford, at times he looked confused and almost lost, which is expected for ANY young QB learning a new offense (especially one as complicated as Josh McDaniels). But if you go back and look Bradford was 17/30 on pass attempts. Imagine if we did not have all of those dropped passes. Bradford would be looking at 23/30 with about 40-70 more yards and a TD or two. Then we would all be saying how impressive his day was.

   Steven Jackson, BEAST MODE! I almost cried when i saw Cadillac Williams come in so early in the Game, Yes Carnell played well, but if Jackson stayed in i could definitely see them combining for 225 yards of Offense, which takes a lot of time out of  Michael VIcks hands.

   Wide Receivers, UGH.... ok well i want to say they played horrible, but they were up against 3 of the top 6 or so CB's in the league, since they were able to drop into 1 on 1 coverage they could stack the box and Bum Rush Bradford to hell, i do wonder why Alexander did not play, especially since he was pretty much the choice over Donnie Avery, i do honestly believe Avery would have been a factor in the game with his speed alone, he would have required an Extra safety on the field instead of 3 CB's, which then means that theres 1 less person crowding the box or chasing Sam Bradford. With Alexander out, there was simply no speed on the Field, this did seem like bad decisions to me.

  O-Line, Run Blocking was actually rather impressive, its nice when the back up comes in and gets starting numbers. Pass Blocking was pretty bad, it seemed like we were weak several times, getting tossed around and often confused.

  Defense, my main question is why the Hell was Quinn not playing? Robert Quinn and Chris Long are fast for defensive lineman, they are both very good pass rushers. Against the fastest quarterback in the league it seems it would make sense to have fast people that could chase him. i understand that Quinn probably doesn't know the play book, but even putting him in on 3rd downs (like the plan we've been told) would have been sufficient, When did Vick do most of his scrambling? ON 3RD DOWNS!!! Other than that the pass rush was pretty solid and WILL ruin several QB's days throughout the season. Line backers were so so, it just seemed like they were winded more than anything to me, and with Michael Vick's and Lesean McCoy's Speed and Cut-back ability the rams were simply faked out all too well. And McCoys average would be way down if not for those last couple Big rushes towards the end of the game after the Defense was exhausted. Coverage, i cant say too much negatively here, i simply feel bad, is anybody healthy? My Older asthmatic brother played Corner in high school, want him to come try out?

  Special Teams, not bad honestly, i thought that the coverage on Kick offs was rather phenomenal, Punting was not the best day by Donnie Jones, but we also set a rather high bar for the man. Field goals were not the best honestly, I am also disappointed that after the Pre-Season we still aren't letting Brown kick any live FG's over 50 yards, he has the leg strength, let the man kick please.

  All in all, it wasn't a terrible game. was it fun to watch, no... But it sure as hell beats what would have happened if the lockout were still happening. And we can all agree that there were definitely some bright spots, it just seems our team was not prepared to handle a team based almost completely on speed. Spags could have coached better, but hey we were locked out, he was kind of rusty too i bet.



Quick Thoughts, Are the rams looking for another QB?

     Who is available cheap for CB's?

   Do we keep the line up the same for WR's until we see them against a normal defense?

   comment your opinions, dispute my theories please. work is boring today, entertain me.

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