Probably an Underreaction, but I think it might be needed

Hey there Rams fans long time reader rare poster.

I would just like to say a few things about the game yesterday:

1 - The eagles secondary has three pro bowl caliber cornerbacks in asomagha, samuel, and rogers-cromartie. So therefore the jury should still be out on our wide receivers. The only thing that we should take out of this game is that they are not part of the nfl elite, and I am pretty sure that everybody already knew that.

2 - Michael Vick is not an average quarterback. Almost every other quarterback in the NFL would have been sacked at least 3-5 more times and would have scored one or two touchdowns less in that game simply because he is such a freak of nature and was able to run around and juke out what seemed like half our defense before he would throw a pass or run for a first down. In complete seriousness though do you expect a 280 pound lineman to be able to effectively chase down a guy like michael vick. Now I am not letting the defense off of the hook the number of missed tackles on him was completely unacceptable, but any guy other than michael vick would not have been able to make most of those plays.

3 - Our defense of Phillies running backs was very impressive for most of the game. Until that drive that everyone remembers in the third quarter our defense was holding McCoy


y to 2.5 yards per carry. If I do say so myself that is pretty good. Again this little quarterback named michael vick was the one who really torched us.

4 - Finally injuries. Injuries cannot be discounted in this game. Not just because of the impact that those specific players have on the field, but the emotional impact that that had on the other players (which is actually a pretty big thing in football, how do you think that we beat the cowboys in '08 we just played way above our potential). When it seems like half of your starters have gone down to injury it can definitely talk an emotional tole on a team, and do not site the '10 GB Packers because they are one of the deepest teams in the league compared to the rams who are just happy to finally have respectable starting players at almost every position.

To wrap this all up I am excited to see the game next week because I am much less afraid of Eli Manning than Michael Vick mostly because our defense is built to take down the traditional pocket passer, and that we will actually get to see what our wide receivers can bring to the table with a much less renowned secondary.

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