I just dont even know how this game could have possibly turned out this way?

How does a team rush for 154 yard at 5.9 yards a carry...and not just lose, lose the game by half time? The Rams had 100 yards by the first half and were gettting dominated!


Other than that, how can a team change so drastically and lose in exactly the same manner that it did last year?


The Jackson injury at least was considered by the coaching staff this offseason and cadillac stepped it up big time. But Bradford's fumble.....the team just never recovered from that!


I think what pisses me off the most is that Bradford had some off throws, but on 3rd not counting the rest of the 45 dropped passes in this game just on 3rd down I counted 3 passes on receivers hands that were dropped that if caught would have put this team back in the game! Our Tight End rookie phenom...I mean come on catch the damn ball! I guess Gibson is better than MSW cause he at least was kinda open and got a nice pass interference call...but when the game was on the line at 3rd down what does he do...drops the ball and on another one cant find the the damn first down marker...Jesus! To add insult to injury, he makes this totally impossible diving catch IN GARBAGE TIME!


Then our defense just packed it in in the 4th quarter and let that lousy eagle offensive line take revenge on the Rams running game so that they could almost double our running stats...


But hey, not to worry now, the Rams have Feeley behind center because they shipped Thad off to the Browns instead of promoting him to 2nd string.


Coaching was...ok I guess not great. I remember there was one drive the Rams gave up on because they just decided to pack it in and run the ball on 3rd and 10 but miraculously got 8 yards which made the play look brilliant by going for it on 4th and short and making it to keep the drive alive only to settle for the field goal when the team absolutely had to have a touchdown.


So Bradford, Jackson, and amendola out for the forseeable future...great!

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