OakCityRam: Ram's Football Trivia

This is another great post from OakCityRam guys. He had a problem with the wonderful Fanpost Publishing utility, so I thought I'd post it for him. He's not the only one having Post issues, so make sure to let someone know if you and your posts are being eaten by anything other than comment trolls! No matter what, keep writing!


  Okay, Rams Fans, it’s time to test your knowledge in the Welcome Back Football Trivia Contest

 1\ Who was the Rams play by play radio announcer for the 1999-2000 seasons?

 2\ Marshall Faulk holds the single season record for touchdowns. How many?

 3\ Who was the St. Louis Rams first head coach?

 4\ What was the final score of Super Bowl XXXIV?

 5\ Why did Kurt Warner wear number 13?

 6\ Which player attended Vianney High in St. Louis?

 7\ Which Ram attended John Carroll University?

 8\ Which player’s father played for the Chicago Bears?

 9\ Which team was the first to play the St. Louis Rams?

 10\ Who scored the first St. Louis Rams touchdown?

 11\ Who was the first team to beat the Rams in the 2001 season?

 12\What injury made Marshall Faulk miss a few games?

 13\What injury did Kurt Warner suffer in week one against the Eagles?

 14\Who was the only Ram defense player to make the 2001-02 Pro Bowl?

 15\ Which Rams receiver made the 2001-02 Pro Bowl?

 16\Kurt Warner had a great 2001-02 season. His passing yards for the season placed him second (all-Time) in passing yards for a season. Who did he fall short of?

 17\ Who was the Rams primary kick returner after Hakim’s fumbling problems in the season?

 18\ Who was the Rams backup running back in the 2001-02 season?

 19\Which Rams receiver had the most receiving yards in the 2001-02 season?

 20\ What is the name of the stadium in which the Rams played their home games in 2003?

 21\ Which Rams wide receiver changed his number in 2002?

 22\ Who was the Rams first draft pick in the 2002 draft?

 23\ Since they have been in St. Louis, the Rams have had the #1 overall draft pick once during the 1990s. Who did the Rams take with that overall #1 pick?

 24\ Who is the only player that played for the St. Louis Rams as well as the St. Louis Cardinals?

 25\ Who was the Rams offensive coordinator for the 1999 season?

 26\ In the 2000 Super Bowl, which St. Louis Ram player tackled Tennessee’s Kevin Dyson at the 1 yard line on the final play of the game to preserve the Rams 23-16 victory?

 27\ Who was the first coach of the St. Louis Rams?

 28\ The Rams moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis in 1995. Who was their first draft pick?

 29\ (True or False) The Rams finished in last place in their division in2002?

 30\ In 2002 the Rams capped off their season with a surprising 31-20 win over the NFC West champions, San Francisco 49ers. Of those 31 points, how many of them were scored prior to the 4th quarter?



1\ Mike Bush.

2\ 26.

3\ Rich Brooks.

4\ St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16

5\ Kurt wore number 12 in High School but when he got to college someone else had it. He chose the next closest number which was 13. He wore it for the rest of his career.

6\ Trent Green.

7\ London Fletcher.

8\ Keith Lyle.

9\ Green Bay Packers, but the Rams won the game.

10\ Issac Bruce who also blocked a punt in that game.

11\ Saints.  New Orleans beat them in week 7, and Tampa Bay in week 11. The Rams finished 14-2 in the regular season.

12\ His Knee. Marshal still won the NFL MVP that year even with the injury.

13\ Thumb. Kurt suffered all season long but never missed a game.

14\ Aeneas Williams, the only Ram defensive player selected to the Pro Bowl that year even though the Rams defense was rated third in the NFL. Williams had 4 INT’s that season.

15\ Issac Bruce, even though he had less receiving yards than Torry Holt.

16\ Dan Marino. His 4,830 yards was second to Dan’s 5,084 yards in 1984.

17\ Hakim who led the league in fumbles 2000-2001 season was replaced by Yo Murphy .

18\ Trung Canidate had over 100 yards in almost every game he filled in for Faulk that season.

19\ Torry Holt who had 1,635 yards to Bruce’s 1,471.

20\ Edward Jones Dome. The name changed in 2002, from the former TWA dome.

21\ A linebacker out of UCLA, Robert Thomas.

22\ Orlando Pace. St. Louis acquired the number 1 pick in the 1997 draft from the Jets, in exchange for the Rams #1 (6th overall), third (67th), fourth(102nd), and seventh(207th) round picks. The previous first overall pick by the Rams was QB Terry Baker in 1963.

23\ Ron Wolfley. Wolfley was a full back and Special teams player who played for part of the 1995 season.

24\ Trent Green.

25\ Mike Martz, replace Dick Vermeil when he retired in 2000.

26\ University of Missouri linebacker, Mike Jones.

27\ Rich Brooks coached in 1995-1996.

28\ From the University of Florida, Kevin Carter.

29\ False, The Rams tied the Seahags at 7-9, AZ finished last at 4-12.

30\ The Rams scored 4 TD’s in the fourth quarter, a fumble recovery for a TD by Dre Bly, and a 31 yard TD catch by Ernie Conwell on a 4th and 1 play. SF still won the division, Rams going 7-9, their worst finish since 1998 went they went 4-12.


Fan-O-Meter Score Chart

0-5: You are an UDFA, with a mind like a steel trap (Old and Rusted), people laugh at you when you go out in public and often call you a "Newb!"

6-10: You almost know enough to be dangerous, but not quite. If you can pick up a few more points you might be able to pick up that bar-fly with the cum-target tattoo on the small of her back, down at the local Grill & Swill.

11-15: You made the practice squad by showing the coaches which end of the football is marked forward... "The "that 'a way" end...

16-20: Congratulations, you made the third string, back up position. Now all you have to do is learn how to polish the pine, or hold a clip-board right side up.

21-25: You are definitely 2nd string material, you know what a football looks like and sometimes you can even catch it, or not fumble it when it's handed to you. Way to go sunshine! You’re in the big time now!

26-30: First string all the way baby! At this level, if you can actually perform, you might survive the dreaded "Chop List." Good- luck butter cup, one drop and you will be traded to Oakland!

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