St. Louis Won't Dodge Competition, but Should Ram Their Way to the Top

First of all, this is really the new Bradfather, a Broncos fan who hung out with you during the Rams-Colts preseason opener several weeks back. My account was misled for a "throttle violation," so I opened this account but I've spoken with you before. Anyway, what follows is my preview for the Rams.

Today's NFL preview gives us a glimpse at the St. Louis Rams, a team which may be ready to resume a place atop the NFC once again, within the next few seasons as a strong, and young, nucleus once again inhabits the Edward Jones Dome.


I know it is foolish to put too much stock into what I have seen thus far in the preseason, especially with an extensive l-word which decimated the offseason (I am not married nor do I have children but when I do, "lockout" will be akin to the f-word at my humble abode, but I digress.) and defensive schemes which are more vanilla than Bill Cosby's white Jell-O pudding pops.


Anyway, the Rams' solid prospects have been instigated by Sam Bradford who last season completed 60 percent of his passes and tossed for 18 scoring strikes against 15 interceptions.


With developing weapons, such as rookies Greg Salas and Austin Pettis, and other stalwarts, which include Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton, the Rams should be able to give opponents fits by creating a wide array of mismatches.


As a Broncos fan, I do not have a high opinion of Josh McDaniels, (as a head coach) but he is a brilliant offensive coordinator so I can easily see the Rams averaging upward of 30 points per game.


Additionally, rock-solid Steven Jackson returns to the Rams' backfield but has been joined by Cadillac Williams, so with another stalwart to shoulder the load, look for Jackson to be stronger than he has been in the past.


At tight end, I'm a sucker for cool names so Michael Hoomanawanui and Fendi Onobun, so, if for nothing else, those two are winners in my book.


Defensively, while Oshiomogho Atogwe is gone, underrated studs such as C.J. Ah You (who I rode on a charter bus with many times several years ago when I took stats for Snow College J.C. of Ephraim Utah's football team), Bryan Kehl and Craig Dahl should help fuel a unit that could give opposing offenses trouble as the season progresses.


Additionally, Justin Bannan was a wise acquisition from the Broncos and ex-Viking Ben Leber still has a lot of good football in him.


Plus, like Coach Spagnuolo, I have Italian in me, so that's another reason to peg the Rams for a successful season.


Ultimately, the NFC West is pathetically weak until it's not so if St. Louis takes care of business in divisional play, lots of good things can happen.


While Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt and Kurt Warner aren't walking out that door, as Rick Pitino would say, the Rams still have a bright future.


We shall see what happens and thanks for reading!

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