Things you may not Know about our team in Camp

[Note by VanRam, 08/08/11 10:26 AM EDT ] More great insight from the St. Louis Rams work in training camp. I'm bumping this to the front page because it's a must read. 

I observe and analyze things for a living.  When I'm not performing these tasks at work, I perform them on the rams.  These are some things we may want to know.

1) If we line up in Pro- Micheal H. will be the fullback.  In fact, a third of his snaps may come from the backfield. (source: My eyes)

2) Ive seen many hand-offs to Lance Kendricks from the H-Back position on third and short.  Don't be shocked when this happens in a game. 

3) Kendricks has already been integrated into many aspects of the offense.  There have been practices where he has taken every rep with the 1s the 2s, and the 3s. 

4) Jason Smith has arrived.  He is throwing people around like they are children. 

5) Mardy looks incredibly quick in and out of cuts.  He also lines up wrong  occasionally and has the dropsies.

6) Between Gibson's sharp route running and his integration into special teams, he sure isn't treated like a bubble player by the coaching staff.  I had him marked for departure, but after witnessing a week of camp, I don't see it (who then).

7) the coaching staff loves Pettis and his incredible man hands (was close enough to hear Josh Mcdaniels say "this kid catches everything" to Billy Devaney.

8)  They are not rushing to push Justin Bannan into the spot  across from Robbins.  Dorrell Scott comes out with the ones, and that may be because Bannan and Muir are new here (however, Dahl immediately lined up at right guard the second he dressed).  It may be because they think Scott is battle ready and that Bannan and Muir are rotational guys.

9) Quinn is being coddled. Mostly because we have lots of DE's that can play.  I would anticipate a slower integration than what would seem intuitive.  I don't think he will be in our opening day third down package.

10) Justin King will be relied upon this year.  He starts when Bartell sits (ahead of Harris)and plays in the dime.  

11) Harris has juice in the tank.  Pressing from the nickelback, Harris looks like a Golden God( no homo).  He will be on the field in at least 60% of the defensive snaps.  

Things you already know but I'll reiterate:

Bradley Fletcher = Stellar.  Fletcher getting beat for a TD in scrimmage would have resulted in a sack anyway.  It was allowed to play on and added an extra 3 seconds.   

Danny Amendola = Elevates the play of everyone around him.  Newcomers to the Rams are impressed.

Jerome Murphy was shutting people down before he broke his ankle.  Sad Clown face.

Bartell goes down everyday.  The man gets beat up, but still  comes back.

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