Random Vid of the Day 8/7

Well, I heard some good things and some bad things today about the scrimmage. Sam Bradford made some plays to Danny Amendola almost the whole day, which brings excitement about seeing our leading receiver again, but optimism about the other receivers. Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon Gibson, Lance Kendricks and Billy Bajema also had a good day. I look forward to seeing the backfield hydra of Jackson, Cadillac, and Norwood! They all shows their talents today. All with the defense in their 3rd season of their system, they were good on most accounts, which made the offense seem sloppy at some times, but cant expect much after only one week of practice. Not playing in Sunday’s scrimmage are WRs Jalil Carter, Dominique Curry, Donnie Avery, Greg Salas and Danario Alexander, TEs Michael Hoomanawanui and Fendi Onobun, CBs Marquis Johnson and Ron Bartell, DT Jermelle Cudjo and DE Eugene Sims. For the biggest battle of camp, the WR position looks to be more clearer after this week on who's going to stay, who need to show that they need to stay, and who needs the most work before the 53-man roster cut based on my opinions. The list is after the jump along with the video for anyone who wants to see HOF Marshall Faulk's acceptance speech! Follow @lannyosu for the play-by-play of the scrimmage!


Who's going to stay:

  • Brandon Gibson - He has stepped up and made plays since the start of training camp last week. Has the passion to be the #1 WR
  • Mike Sims-Walker - They guy with #1 WR potential and talent. He showed up in camp and scrimmage as a downfield deep threat, which we lacked last season
  • Danny Amendola - So far, Sam's go-to receiver... started camp late due to the CBA, but has made an impact since coming back
  • Lance Kendricks - The guy shown to be the most reliable of the bunch... not your typical rookie... has shown glimpse of athleticism and speed; mostly compared to a Vernon Davis-type
  • Billy Bajema - hasn't made a splash in camp, but came in big in the scrimmage showing his talents and athleticism, resemblance of the Denver game last season

Who has potential to stay:

  • Austin Pettis & Greg Salas - The Rooks in camp with great hands, good speed, and caught on the playbook quicker than some vets (see below)... Pettis missed some catches in the scrimmage, and Salas sat out the scrimmage as a precaution is a cause for speculation
  • Mardy Gilyard - The most improved WR from last season... has been "wowing" the crowd with catches, but missed routes and being less physical is a problem that NEEDS to be fixed
  • Michael Hoomanawanui - We all know what Big Illini Mike can do, but his injury history and concussion the last practice worries me on whether he can stay healthy during the season
  • Fendi Onobun & Schuylar Oordt - I know this may seem like a long shot, but with the injury history of Hoomanawanui, the need of TEs for the 2-TE set is critical... Although, Onobun has shown in camp to miss blocks and drop balls and Oordt isn't someone that has stepped up in camp, but can crack the 4 TE spot (if there is one i.e. the need for Bo Scaife)

On the verge of getting cut or practice squad:

  • Danario Alexander - He didnt play in the scrimmage and has dropped balls nearly every practice, but there is so much expectations for him
  • Donnie Avery - since his injury, his speed seems to still be there, but that's it? needs more contributions in camp and preseason
  • Dominique Curry - the best ST player last season has suffered a fractured hand, which may have solved his fate
  • Greg Mathews - not enough contributions, but the need for WRs is critical [PRACTICE SQUAD]
  • Joe West - Big WR type with minimal contributions in camp [PRACTICE SQUAD]
  • Jalil Carter & Ben Guidugli - With 6 WRs on the roster and 2 on the practice squad along with 4 TEs, Carter and Guidugli should be the first to get cut unless they make a splash during the rest of camp and preseason

There's still 4 weeks of preseason coming up and this list can change. There's the hazard of injuries and/or players stepping up and making plays. So it's a dogfight at this position to crack the final roster before September 11.

Congrats to Marshall Faulk! There will never be another #28 like you!
Click Here for Acceptance Speech!

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