Random Ramsdom, 8/4: Free agents, stadiums and the Hall of Fame

random ramsdom 1

The St. Louis Rams wrapped up free agency yesterday, for the most part, adding RB Cadillac Williams to fulfill their long time goal of finding a backup for Steven Jackson. Now, they settle in on the business of getting ready for the 2011 NFL season and a tough schedule for team on the rise. Let's round up all the news that's fit to curate and get you started with your day. 

I had the opportunity to visit with Rams S Craig Dahl (thanks to his agent/PR people and the Rams for making that happen) for a little more than 20 minutes...20 minutes filled with lots of talk about this defense, expectations for this year and what the free agent addition mean for this team. I'm in the process of transcribing, and will start rolling some stuff out on Friday. In the meantime, be sure to follow Craig Dahl, who now has a "C." on the back of his jersey, on Twitter at @CraigDahl43.

The links...

Bernie: Faulk had no peer as an all-around back
Comparing running backs from different eras is a difficult task. Really, there is no comparison to Marshall Faulk, who enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. We'll have tributes here on TST scattered between now and Sunday, with front page writers paying tribute to Faulk. Be sure to add your favorite Faulk memory in the FanPosts, and we'll feature some of those on the front page.

Cadillac Williams added to the roster
As you know, the Rams signed RB Cadillac Williams yesterday, making him the tenth free agent signed during a week and a half of free agency. Williams will indeed get some work on third downs in addition to his backup roles. Just 29, Cadillac has had surgeries on both of his knees over the course of his career.

Get to know Al Harris
Ron Bartell might be more excited than anyone with the Rams decision to sign CB Al Harris. The Rams starting cornerbacks have already spent intensive time with Harris learning more about the game. As for Harris, he's got something to prove, not wanting to end his career with an injury.

How's our division looking
How does the NFC West stack up? TST reader DuhhhRams! gives us a preview.

Random Vid of the Day 8/3 - Turf Show Times
A handful of videos featuring Rams S Darian Stewart and a couple other players, a good look at what each player can do.

NFL Stadium In Los Angeles: City Council Committee Agrees To AEG Plan - SB Nation Los Angeles
Is the NFL on the verge of finally returning to Los Angeles? The LA City Council committee ratified the AEG Plan and should send it for a final vote in upcoming days.

Saints Sign Alex Barron
The New Orleans Saints added former Rams first-round pick Alex Barron to the roster this week. He'll be pelted with beads every time he makes a false start. 

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