Why These Acquisitions Makes Sense



This is my big welcome to TurfShowTimes! Glad to be apart of this great STL community and great fans here as well. First off, I want to give a big shoutout to VanRam, ram_rod, and T. Ram for being great contributors of Rams news and rumors for us fans and keep up the good work; also shoutouts to @lannyosu@danep12@IamDHawk (follow me @vGxJuNKiiE) for giving us live updates from the Rams Training Camp and for allow us fans at home the enjoyment of tracking our favorite player's improvents and skills. I have been a Rams fan here in LA for 12 years now and I'm loving it every single day from our superbowl season to our 1-15 season to our newly Spags-McDaniels era seasons. I have been trolling around here for awhile now so I feel the need to give some insight and opinions on the Rams questionable FA moves, rumors, trades, and acquisitions and what I expect from each player and how I see the season unfolding for our St. Louis Rams. Also, congratulations to one of the greatest runningbacks to wear a Rams jersey ever - Marshall Faulk #28. Now, let's hit the jump! 

Cadillac Williams:

Cadillac Williams would be a perfect fit to spell Steven Jackson. He is a solid pass-blocking runningback and is very depending coming out of the backfield. We already know what he can do on the ground. Last year, he was a solid backup for undrafted rookie LeGarrette Blount and reliable in 3rd-down situations. He should come as a cheap asset due to the RB market getting very thin. I'm not yet sold on Jerious Norwood being on #2 back just yet, but Cadillac could spell a 3-man rotation if our FO sees fit. Also, Cadillac would be a good option to take the starting role if God forbid Steven Jackson goes down with an injury.

UPDATE: Per Chris Mortensen, Cadillac Williams is expected to finalize a deal with the Rams today. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Now, league and Rams reports are brewing that even though the talks are still underway, the Rams and Williams are still not even close to getting a deal done.


Osi Umenyiora:

I can not express how much I want this to happen for us. Some say we dont need em; our D-line is set! Some say he's too expensive and Hall is improving daily? Why I would invest in him? Because Osi Umenyiora is the most productive DE of this decade! He is consistent year after year after year and never faltered. And the asking price is a 2nd round draft pick? Besides the connection between Osi and Coach Spagnuolo, all he wants is $7 million over the next two years. I think we can handle that. Should we give up a 2nd round pick for him? Yes, I think we should. Should we trade a DE for him? No! The reason I say this whole Osi thing has more to it is fact that Coach Spagnuolo won his 1st Super Bowl ring as the DC for the NY Giants with the 4 DE rotation of Strahan, Kiwanuka, Tuck, and Osi... Why not say the same production with Long, Hall, Quinn, and Osi? BTW, over the last 6 seasons, Osi has racked up 204 tackles, 59 sacks, and 27 forced fumbles, which is why he deserves so much more!


Malcom Floyd:

There are various reasons why I like Malcom Floyd:


  • 6'5" with blazing speed. It's not everyday that you come across a guy his size with incredible speed.
  • Has star-like athleticism. Runs hard after the catch, gets to the highest point on jump balls, and separates from the defender.
  • Reliable redzone WR for Sam Bradford alongside Mike Sims-Walker
  • He might come cheap!

With Mark Clayton's knee not looking to good to DX starting camp off bad, adding Floyd would be an insurance policy. Also, what would the WR corp be like with Sims-Walker and Floyd at flanker with Avery and Amendola running the slots with the rookies Salas and Pettis getting in the mix? Maybe this video would most likely help you better understand my reasoning on why I like him so much.


Brodney Pool and Dashon Goldson:

I know this is a long shot here, but having to settle with Craig Dahl starting at safety, especially free, isn't going easy with me. I know there is a lot of secondary rotation in our defensive system, but Dahl is more of a role player in the box than a starter in my opinion. And the way the Rams FO is swinging 1-year deals around, I wouldn't hesitate to throw one at cheap option Brodney Pool or Dashon Goldson. But I do like the way Darian Stewart has being showing up in training camp so far.

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