53 Man Roster - Chad's Edition NOW WITH MORE NICKNAMES!

Well, hello there.  Because it's Tuesday, and my Tuesdays are generally marred by nothingness in the form of few work related responsibilities...I'm going to try my hand at the ol' 53 man roster projection. I decided to add completely arbitrary nicknames into the list to spice things up a little bit, OLE! Also,  I reserve the right to edit this list as we gain more info from the upcoming preseason games, but as of now, here goes...OH SHIT, EARTHQUAKESSSS!!!...Less quaking, more prediction making after the jump.


Sam Bradford AKA King Sam

A.J. Feeley (would love to see Thad here, but I don't think he has enough confidence from our FO just yet...2012 will likely be the year he supplants Feeley here)



Cadillac Williams (Cadillac has been by far our most impressive back in preseason work to date)

Jerious Norwood (would love to add Toston, but due to WR and TE competition, don't think he cracks the lineup)


Mike Sims-Walker AKA Skyy-Walker

Brandon Gibson AKA Gibby 2.0

Danny Amendola AKA White Chocolate

Donnie Avery AKA Wheels of Steel

Greg Salas AKA Sam Palas

Austin Pettis AKA Sweetness

Danario Alexander AKA The DX Missile



Lance Kendricks AKA Sir Lance-A-Lot (methinks this goes quite well with King Sam)

Mike Hoomanawanui AKA Uh Oh (As of now, this nickname stands as more of an exclamation about his injury status)

Billy Bajema AKA The Ginger Avenger (can we please start calling him that?!)

Fendi Onobun AKA Autobahn (I think Fendi makes it based on his receiving work in Saturday's game and Uh Oh's injury history)


Jason Smith AKA Rodeo

Rodger Saffold AKA Big Smooth

Renardo Foster AKA Renardo Retardo (okay, this one is probably a little out of line, but it got me laughing)

Adam Goldberg AKA Leatherman


Jacob Bell AKA Bella J

Harvey Dahl AKA Big Nasty

Quinn Ojinakka AKA Ojinnaka Flaka Flame  (courtesy of 3K) 


Jason Brown AKA Logistics

Hank Fraley AKA Frank Haley


JLau AKA Animal Jr.

Ben Leber AKA Leber 2000

Brady Poppinga AKA The Anti-Brady

Josh Hull AKA Joshtronaut

Zach Diles AKA Zachzilla

Jabara Williams AKA Jabara the Hut


Ron Bartell AKA Stonehand Soldier

Bradley Fletcher AKA Fast and Furious

Al Harris AKA Predator

Justin King AKA King Cobra

Dionte Dinkins AKA Lil' Dink Dink


Quentin Mikel AKA Q

Darian Stewart AKA Sweet Water

Craig Dahl AKA Smashmouth

Jermale Hines AKA Ketchup and Liquor


Fred Robbins AKA Freddie Freezer

Justin Bannan AKA The Bannan Cannon

Daniel Muir AKA Fat Tastic

Gary Gibson AKA 2Gs


Chris Long AKA The Ultimate Warrior

James Hall AKA Daddy Fat Sax

Robert Quinn AKA Rookie Sax or Quinntesential

George Selvie AKA Skinny Sax

Eugene Sims AKA Dirty Sax


Josh Brown AKA The Brown Bomber

Donnie Jones AKA Big Foot

Jack McQuaide AKA let's be honest here...this man needs no nickname.

Mardy Gilyard AKA Mardy Party


So...there you have it.  This roster solves the WR problem by keeping Mardy Gilyard as a S/T specialist.  Would the FO actually go for this you ask?  Meh, I don't know, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.  This my roster and I'll cry if I want to. 


Feel free to add to the list of nicknames, there are definitely some weaker ones out there.  Don't you dare touch "The Ginger Avenger" though!!

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