Random Ramsdom, 8/22: David Vobora working out for Seattle

Former St. Louis Rams LB David Vobora will workout for the Seattle Seahawks.

Big week ahead for the St. Louis Rams. Coaches have some real decisions to make this week, as it's time to start finalizing the starting lineup. Roster cuts also loom on the horizon, with a cut from 90 to 80 players required on August 30, next Tuesday. The final cut, to 53 players, is due on September 5, two weeks from today. 

Here's a giant, buttery scoop of links to give you head start on your week. 

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Spagnuolo liked what he saw from some receivers this week - He priased Donnie Avery as well as a few others. Don't look for any clues about the final roster spots though. Also, this is the last week of training camp practices that are open to the public.

Spagnuolo not happy about Rams blitz pick up - The Rams did not handle the Titans' blitzes very well, as you may have notciced. Failure to pick up late movement, altering the cadence...all those things will be the focus at practice this week.

On Frank Gore's frustration with 49ers - Frank Gore should be frustrated over his contract situation, and he is, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Unfortunately for Gore, he's a 28-year-old. A trade demand could be in the future, so stay tuned. Could the 49ers not miss him with Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon?

David Vobora to work out for Seahawks - Former St. Louis Rams linebacker David Vobora is set to work out for the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, according to his agent, Marc Lillibridge. Seattle and the Rams have duked it out over free agents this year. Vobora, who went to Idaho, is from the Northwest, Oregon, so this would be sort of a homecoming for him.

Bradford praises Avery - Rams QB Sam Bradford spoke highly of Donnie Avery upon his return this week. Greg Salas also earned from praise from the team.

Pryor’s workout creates third-round buzz - I'll be shocked if Terrelle Pryor goes in the third round, but with the teams said to be intereste, you never know. The Begals, Redskins, Dolphins, Steelers and Browns are all said to be the most likely teams to take a shot on the former Ohio State prospect.

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