"Horn on the Kolb"

That isn't copyrighted or trademarked because I don't care to (meaning I don't know how to), but thought it appropriate after watching another 'highlight' reel of the Arizona Cardinals trying to play football on a professional level.  I have not had the 'pleasure' of watching either Card's preseason game, though I saw parts of the first game against the Raiders, and just finished watching the brutal recap of their performance against the Green Bay Packers.  Being that it's past 2am where I'm at, ESPN's Sportscenter was my destination to catch up on all things sports, on a night where I unfortunately missed all of preseason football...

I'll tell you that they sure seem desperate to see the Kevin Kolb to Larry Fitzgerald combination come to fruition, as the only other Card's recap of the game included the unfortunate season-ending injury of rookie RB Ryan Williams.  I only point out his ill-fate because being from VA I get to see a lot of Hokie football, and although they're not my college squad of choice, he's proven to be a reliable, exciting back.  It goes without saying, though, that he was going to be relied upon to contribute to their running game this season.  He isn't (or wasn't) going to solve what appears to be the most glaring opportunity on their offense, though...

Their offensive line (front 5) is atrocious!  The Packers are the Superbowl Champs, and I don't intend on taking anything away from them.  I know this is all preseason, but for the Packers (less wild man Clay Matthews) to put that much pressure, that often, should concern Coach Ken Whisenhunt and anyone on his staff.  The Pack didn't rack up a large amount of sacks, but proved that pressuring Kolb led to exactly what ESPN wanted......Kolb to Fitzgerald, er, somewhere in the vicinity.  It's apparent to me that he knows his safeguard, and since I'm no expert, so should we (and the rest of their opponents for that matter).

Through preseason's week 1&2, here's what I've seen thus far:

*  A shaky O-Line (which includes no draft picks or offseason acquisitions)

*  A QB desperate to prove he's worth the dough

*  A forced 'chemistry' between the (aforementioned) QB and his stud WR (who will bail him out on occasion), and

*  A key contributor at RB dealt (traded to the Skins), and the loss of their 2nd Round Pick at the same position

Looking at the big picture, I'd have to use the word 'bleak.'  The offseason has been shortened due to the lockout, and their offense is way behind where it would've been had there not been one, which goes without saying.  Will they improve over the season?  Sure.  But we talk about depth on this site all the time, and one thing that I don't see for them is depth on the OL.  In my opinion, Kevin Kolb WILL turn out to the be the next Donovan McNabb.......a QB traded to a another team for more than they should've afforded, which provides him no protection, and ultimately hinders his ability to succeed.  

Contrarily, our defense got a lot of attention in the offseason, via draft and trade, and will be able to apply WAY MORE pressure than these preseason squads, come week 8.  Close your eyes ladies and gents........whether it be #55 (my personal fav), #72, #94, #51, #27, or any other member of the 11D, you'll be seeing (live, replay, or in your local St. Louis paper........lucky!) a rocketing Ram blasting the hapless new QB in Arizona.....

Delicious, isn't it?  "Horn on the Kolb"

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