Best Case Scenario Offensive Player Predictions

Offensive Player Predictions


Sam Bradford:

Sam Bradford is going to have  a huge year now that he's with Josh McDaniels. He's going to be throwing the ball a lot more and being such a good QB that will equal a lot of touchdowns.

Prediction: yds: 4800 yds, 32 tds, and 10 int.


Steven Jackson: 

I expect Jackson to have a regular Steven Jackson year. He's going to be a workhorse and get the ball a lot. I expect at least a thousand yards. He'll have more help, but Jackson will still get about 90 % of the touches.

Prediction: yds 1300, 13 tds, rec yds 350, and 1 fumble.


Cadillac Williams:

Williams will be more of a third down back and injury replacement. He's a good running back and can still play at a high level. I see a good season as Jackson's backup.

Prediction: 400 yds, 5 tds, 175 rec yds


 Jerious Norwood:

Norwood won't see too many touches but he is fast and quick. He could make some good plays this season.

Prediction: 200 yds, 1 td, 75 rec yds

Mike Sims-Walker:

Sims-Walker is going to have his best season so far. I expect a lot of long passes and tds. Sims-Walker is going to be a big target for Sam Bradford to keep going to.

Prediction: 1000 yds, 8 tds


Danny Amendola:

I think Amendola is going to be more of a completion guy than yardage. He'll be a third down go to guy and red zone threat. He has great hands and can run after the catch if he has space. Sam Bradford loves him and he's going to be a big part of the offense.

Prediction: 850 rec yds, 5 tds, 120 rush yds


Brandon Gibson

Gibson will have a good year. He has reliable hands, and can run really well after the catch. He's having a great camp and I hope it translates into a good season.

Prediction: rec yds 700 yds, 5 tds, 75 rush yds


Danario Alexander:

I hope Alexander puts together a solid year. He has a lot of talents and is a good player. He could be a big part of the rams future.

Prediction: 600 yds, 5 tds


Donnie Avery 

I hope Avery gets back to normal, I see a lot of good receivers and don't see Avery getting as many touches. I have to predictions for Avery. The first for if he plays normal and average as a second string reciever and the second if he has a great season and becomes a go to guy.

Prediction 1: 500 yds, 3 tds

Prediction 2: 1000 yds, 7 tds


Lance Kendricks:

Lance Kendricks is already a Sam Bradford favorite. He is a fast TE and can really catch the ball. I see a huge rookie season this year for Lance Kendricks.

Prediction: 800 yds, 5 tds


Michael Hoomanawanui:

I see injuries holding him back for a couple games and with Kendricks now on the team  I see Hoomanawanui's playing time diminish.

Prediction: 350 yds, 2tds

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