Random Ramsdom 7/12: Ready for some Rams football


Tomorrow is the first game that the Rams will play in since their disappointing lost to the Seahawks in week 17 last season.  Lots have change since then and we are all excited to see them.  The new offense will be on the front of everyone's minds.  Seeing the new players in action will be exciting to.

Lett's just get to the links.

SJax sees improvement

In an interview with Bill Coats of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Steven Jackson seems to be very optimistic about this season, both for himself and the team.  He said that this is the best he has felt physically since his rookie year.  He also mention that he thinks the defense will improve over last year and they will be great.  He says with the playmaker from the wide receivers and the combination of Sam Bradford the offense will be good.  Hopefully we can get Jackson his first winning year in his career this season.

Ram's new offense to be unveiled tomorrow

The new offense will finally be in game action tomorrow.  We have all the tools to be great and tomorrow we will see how far we have left to go in learning this new offense.  Sam will only get about 12-15 snaps, or basically one good drive, but that drive will be very revealing.  How nice would if feel if we took it down for a TD?

Seahawks win

The Seahawks started off really slow with their starters.  They didn't score any point and when Rivers was in the game for the Chargers they were being carved up.  Tarvaris Jackson struggled as did rookie offensive tackle James Carpenter.  They did play really well in the second half tough and pull out a nice come from behind victory.  Bryan Walters was the player of the game for the Seahawks in my opinion.  He returned a kickoff for a TD and made some nice catches in the game.

Kevin Kolb makes his debut

He was pretty solid in his debut.  He was 4 for 7 passing for 68 yards.  He found Fitzgerald for a 43 yard bomb that he under threw but Larry made a fantastic catch.  He didn't lead the offense to any points though.The Cardinals came back and won the game, but they still aren't sure what they have in Kolb just yet.

Hanifan no longer on the Ram's broadcast team

There's a long article on it on STLToday.com, but in my opinion the reason he was canned was DeMarco Farr is better.  He has cussed on the air before and he has heavily criticized players in broadcast before.  Now he will only have about two 10 minute segments a week on 101 ESPN.  Some people enjoyed his simple broadcasting style, but I didn't like how he ripped players.  It was an expected move and I know some Ram's fans are disappointed but I'm not.

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