Looking Forward

The 2011 Draft was a great example of showing that you  really dont know what is going to happen. People fell when they probly shouldnt have. Guys like Daquan Bowers and Nick Fairley (sort of). I mean come on, both of them were considered 1st overall picks at one time and then one falls halfway into the second round. Thats crazy. Then we had some reaches, actually quite a few. Like Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, and James Carpenter. There are a lot of links to videos so if you have time to watch them all please do. So with that I present a look at some of the guys in the 2012 draft we could be looking at.

Trent Richardson, RB- ALabama. My personal favorite and they one I would like to see the most in a Rams uniform. He's just a all-out beast. He can run you over or just outrun you. If he is available when it is our turn, I say take him over anyone(except maybe Alshon Jeffery).


Trent Richardson 2009 (via Money282)


Zach Brown, OLB- UNC. I havent decided if Zach Brown or Kenny Tate is second on my draft board yet. But one thing is for sure and that is that Zach Brown is athletic. He was UNC's top tackler last year and made some impressive plays.


Zach Brown vs Tennessee 2010 "Music City Bowl" (via JMPasq)


Kenny Tate, S- Maryland. Kenny Tate is awesome. He's a hard hitter, a good tackler, and can make the plays while playing safety. I think Kenny Tate will be a stud in the NFL. He is going to be playing linebacker this year for the Temps, at least thats what I heard. So he offers versitally at two positions of need for us. But as you'll see in this video, he can play Safety well. 


Kenny Tate vs. Florida State (2010) (via MARI0clp)

Ray Ray Armstrong, S- Miami. He is a big hitter, thats his game. He is good protection but his strongsuit is to hit the WR and knock the ball loose. As shown here.


Ray Ray Armstrong (True Freshman) (via thereaper)


Chase Minnifield, CB- Virginia. I know a corner isnt really at the top of our list of needs, but who knows what will happen this season. Bradley Fletcher could hit a wall all of the sudden, someone could have a injury. You just never know. And we could have a  pick in 20's or in the teens again. I do think a RB, S, or a OLB should be the positions we target, but there might just not be anyone worth taking at the spot we are at come draft day. But anyway, Chase is a huge ball hawk and I do think he can contribute on our team.


Chase Minnifield Highlights (via chasedafuture)

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