Rams offense ready to compete with the best in the league?

We all know about our newly acquired offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He has operated some of the best offenses in the NFL. Many fans complained about our vanilla offense last year because of Pat Shurmur's extremely conservative play calling. Other than Randy Moss, McDaniels has never had a top flight wide receiver and still manages to make his offense one of the best. Here are some of the numbers that his wide receivers produced.

Eddie Royal : 59 receptions, 627 yards, 10.6 average, 3 touchdowns.
Brandon Lloyd: 77 receptions, 1,448 yards, 18.8 average, 11 touchdowns.
Demaryius Thomas: 22 receptions, 283 yards, 12.9 average, 2 touchdowns.
Jabar Gaffney : 65 receptions, 875 yards, 13.5 average, 2 touchdowns.

Thomas was injured 90% of the season causing his numbers to be really low. Below are the numbers to Brandon Lloyds career which was 7 years EXCLUDING this past season (2010-2011).

Brandon Lloyd : 124 receptions, 2,370 yards, 13.6 average, 15 touchdowns.

As you can see, he hadn't done nothing in the NFL up until last year when McDaniel's made things happen. This is proof that McDaniel's can work with little and make it look like all pro talent. This is why I believe McDaniel's will do wonders with our rotation of wide receivers.

Danny Amendola : 85 receptions, 689 yards, 8.1 average, 3 touchdowns.
Brandon Gibson : 53 receptions, 620 yards, 11.7 average, 2 touchdowns.
Danario Alexander : 20 receptions, 306 yards, 15.3 average, 1 touchdown.
Mark Clayton : 23 receptions, 306 yards, 13.3 average, 2 touchdowns.

Dont forget, Clayton got a season ending injury in week 6 and Danario Alexander also had a injury riddled season not playing much. I feel like Alexander could be something special in this offense, just like Randy Moss the year he caught 23 touchdowns. Mark Clayton makes an excellent possession receiver. He did terrific last season up until his injury. Danny Amendola also reminds me a lot of Wes Welker. Even when he got double teamed last season, he found a way to get open especially on 3rd down.

We just drafted two more wide receiver weapons this past draft, Austin Pettis and Greg Salas. Pettis is a possession receiver whos got terrific hands. If he perfects his route running, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Salas can share time with Amendola in the slot. He just like Pettis has terrific hands and I think will be a steal.

Last year the Patriots had a change in their offensive scheme. They used a lot of double tight end sets with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Both were rookies and both did a great job.

Rob Gronkowski : 42 receptions, 546 yards, 13.0 average, 10 touchdowns.
Aaron Hernandez : 45 receptions, 563 yards, 12.5 average, 6 touchdowns.

I think we are headed towards this approach. We drafted Lance Kendricks who is a hybrid tight end. He is sure handed, a good route runner, good blocker and an all around great player. Teaming Kendricks up with Hoomanwanui who showed great promise, would be freightning to opponents. Hoomanawanui had bad luck injuring both of his ankles last season. When he played you could see an immediate impact. Here are Hoomanawanui's numbers.

Michael Hoomanawanui : 13 receptions, 146 yards, 11.2 average, 3 touchdowns.

In conclusion, I believe we will take a two tight end offense approach mixed in with a little bit of his previous 18-0 Patriot offense. McDaniel's will find a way to create mismatches. I think we will have much better success running the ball because I believe we will be able to stretch the field much better causing defenses to drop back. He will utilize Steven Jackson to his full potential. He will have a huge impact.

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