Let's celebrate the Rams biggest achievement last season.

ST. LOUIS - OCTOBER 3: Sam Bradford #8 of the St. Louis Rams looks to pass against the Seattle Seahawks at the Edward Jones Dome on October 3 2010 in St. Louis Missouri. The Rams beat the Seahawks 20-3. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

The lockout is almost over, and since the new season is about to start why not remember the best moments of the Rams 2010 season. I know Van and 3k, are writing about the 2010 games and I don't want to step on their toes, however I can't wait till they get to these three moments. It's been a long time since that horrible week 17 game, and I'm sure people have forgotten that just a week prior to that game the Rams did something magical.

For the first time since 2007 the Rams won a division, and it was most likely 2004 the last time they won a division game against the whole NFC West. In fact, in every game besides the week 17 game, the Rams had chances to win.Like I said earlier I know Van and 3K will cover these games, so I will just do a quick recap of the three games.

Week 4 Seahawks vs. Rams final score 3-20

This game had to be sweet revenge for the Rams, they haven't beaten the Seahawks since 2004, and it had to feel great to finally beat them.  This wasn't a perfect game by any means, but the offense made players at the right time like when,  Sam Bradford threw a great pass to Brandon Gibson in the endzone and the Rams never looked back after that. The Rams offense was on point Bradford almost threw for 300 yards, and Steven Jackson had more than 100 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Lets not forget about the Rams defense this game. The Seahawks only had three points, and Matt Hasselbeck was harassed most of the game. The Rams forced him to throw an interception and he got sacked 4 times. 

This game was over when: Bradford threw that perfect pass to Brandon Gibson for the first touchdown.

Week 13 Rams vs. Cardinals final score 19-6

This game wasn't impressive on offense, but like most of the games last year, the Rams defense really stood their ground, and helped win the game. Sam Bradford didn't have a strong game, but Steven Jackson rushed for 100 yards.  Have a good defense and rely on the running to win. It's an old formula, but having a lack of weapons will do that for you.

The truth is this was just the Cardinals. They were the worst team in the NFC West, I guess its hard going from Kurt Warner to Derek Anderson after all. This isn't a shot to the Cardinals, but they were forced to use all three of their quarterbacks against the Rams. The Rams defense is good, but there was no way the Rams could let a game like this escape their grasp.

Week 16 49ers vs. Rams 17-25

The last game against the 49ers wasn't a gimme game, but the Rams made the most of their opportunities to win this game. It all started with the first drive when Bradford was intercepted, but there was a 40 yard pass interference call,which resulted in the Rams running the ball in for an easy touchdown.  Later in the 1st quarter Troy Smith fumbled the snap which resulted in a safety. However the fatal mistake the 49ers made was letting Danny Amendola break that long kick off return that almost went for a score. If it wasn't for that return, who knows how the ending of the game would have turned out.

The 49ers might have won the game if it wasn't for those two early plays, but its the NFL when you mess up and the other team turns it into points, it easily gives that team the advantage. Out of the other three games this had to be the most interesting. Also it produced this great exchange between player and coach.

If only I could read lips. 


The Rams won these three games while their opponents were at there worst. Even though that is true, they still won those games and had a chance to win 5/6. It's obvious that the Rams benefited from a watered down NFC West. Does that really matter though? You play who is on your schedule. It will be interesting to see how better or worse the NFC West will be this year.

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