Why WalterFootball is not a reputable draft site.

For some reason I was reminded of an E-Mail conversation I had with Walter Cherepinsky, the Walter of WalterFootball fame, and I thought that now I am on TST, I can exhibit it, and show how he uses flawed methodology and the old argument technique of ignoring the other person to win the discussion in his own mind.


Now of course, we all know that mock draft sites hold no journalistic merit in any way, no matter who writes for or runs them. It is all conjecture, and is based on little fact.

Please forgive any poor grammar, and even my own errors in judgement, but, unlike Walter it seems, I am able to concede that I was incorrect about some things (especially the McNabb assertion - FACEPALM)

Remember this was written way before Sam's drafting, before even the Superbowl I believe.


Unfortunately, I am unable to post it in chronological order, so it may be asked of you to read from the bottom up... Not ideal I know, so sorry about that.


It doesn't matter who went in the first round of that bunch. The point is that 6-2 is not a bad height for a quarterback. Is it ideal? No, but it's not a liability either. 

Clausen doesn't have a slow release, and a toe injury is no big deal. He doesn't have a Stafford arm, but he has very good deep accuracy and is at least comparable to Sanchez. 

McNabb doesn't have a choice where he goes. On Sportscenter last night, John Clayton said he was convinced McNabb will be traded. 

Please don't listen to McShay. Read this first:

He really is a joke. And I can't tell you specifics, but I found something out at the Senior Bowl which explains why he hates Clausen. It's personal. I can't explain more because I swore it to secrecy, but McShay is purposely putting Clausen in the 2nd round. 

Kiper doesn't like to be wrong. He always wants to be right and doesn't like to be criticized. So, he's just hedging his bets. 

Clausen has a very low bust rate actually. Did you know that defensive tackles bust more often than quarterbacks in the first round? It's true. I did the research. This will be in my article. 

Spagnuolo is a defensive guy - which means he will take a quarterback. Again, I did the research, and most defensive coaches take offensive players early. This will be in my article. 

Clausen is the most pro-ready junior quarterback to declare for the NFL Draft in the last 15 years. I wouldn't put him ahead of Ryan, but he would be ahead of Stafford. Read this:

Suh had two knee surgeries in college. The Rams can't take that risk. Suh doesn't fill a big need. Suh has questionable knees. Suh plays a position not anywhere close to as important as a quarterback. 

The pick will be Clausen or Bradford - unless the Rams are completely braindead. 



On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 1:38 PM, <> wrote:
Only Mcnabb and Rodgers went in the 1st round of that bunch but last year Stafford and Sanchez were 6,2 and went early. Point is that is not an ideal height.
what about how you measure his arm strength? It's most certainly not Stafford level, nor would i say even Sanchez. what about his slow release? i hear he had toe surgery and played with a bad toe so the footwork i will let him off. what about the lack of pocket presence when he had one?
Most QB's are voted team captain...
McNabb won't go to the Rams if he does leave, the Rams are getting younger.
McShay has Clausen somewhere like 34 and says he's a second round talent.
My point about Kiper was that if you are going to state that he was saying something valid then why are you saying Kiper doesn't like to be wrong?
Personally I like Campbell but i can't see him as a Ram, i feel he's been abused by the Redskins organisation and most certainly deserves a shot somewhere other than STL. Again my point about Campbell was that he is a safer bet than Clausen who has a MASSIVE bust rate. you stated that clausen being picked #1 and being given 70 plus mil is safer than getting a cheaper qb that has NFL experience, thats just foolhardy.
Spagnuolo is a defensive guy, and defense wins championships. QBs help. Personally I'd prefer Bradford if his shoulder is healed and he bulks up. Suh or McCoy is too tight a selection but is better than Clausen as Clausen has SO MANY questions it is insane.
you talk of Clausen like he will be the second coming of Elway or Montana. if you had to rate him compared to Matt Ryan, Stafford and Sanchez would you place him above them?
he is not 1st overall selection material and it's amazing as you are the only one to say this. Why would Suh or McCoy be a mistake? Surely a bust DT is not as catastrophic as a bust QB?
thanks for the reply i appreciate it. btw. do you have to wait until march to post your 2000 word article on clausen as i am anxious to read it!

-----Original Message-----
From: Walter Cherepinsky <>
Sent: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 7:36 pm
Subject: Re: Jimmy Clausen Going to Rams?


I'm glad you like the site and thanks for the e-mail. I appreciate it. 

Jimmy Clausen is 6-2. You know who else is 6-2? Brett Favre. Kurt Warner. Tony Romo. Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees (6-0). Donovan McNabb.  I think they're OK. 

Clausen didn't have Michael Floyd for half the year. His tight end was hurt. He had no running game. His defense forced him to play catch-up. If anything, his numbers were deflated. Imagine how good they would have been if Floyd and Rudolph were healthy, and he had a good offensive line to protect him!

Philip Rivers repeatedly yelled at the Colts fans. He's gotten into spats with other quarterbacks. Do the Chargers regret drafting him? Clausen was voted team captain - by his TEAMMATES. They certainly respected him.

Kiper had Clausen ranked No. 4 in his January updates. I think he dropped Clausen behind Bradford because he heard the Rams are interested in Bradford. Kiper doesn't like to be wrong and is just hedging his bets here. In a debate against Sun Tan Man on Sportscenter, he argued Clausen over Bradford. 

Donovan McNabb is leaving Philly. Everyone here knows that. He has a bonus due right after the 2010 NFL Draft. He'll be dealt somewhere. 

Jason Campbell is a mediocre quarterback. If you're fine with mediocrity, feel free to trade for him. Your continuous 8-8 and 9-7 seasons won't be so fun. 

Thanks, but Clausen would be the right pick for the Rams. It's too obvious. If they want to go with Bradford and risk his shoulder problems, that's fine with me. But they CANNOT take Suh or McCoy. That would be a huge mistake. 


On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 11:12 AM, <> wrote:
Dear Walter,
Firstly I'd like to say that I enjoy reading your mock drafts, the speculation leading up to the draft is often more exciting than the Draft itself, however, I as a Rams fan do not agree with your selection of Clausen at Number 1.
Jimmy Clausen had an outstanding season, yet to say he is the best QB in this draft is ridiculous. He is small. It may say 6,3 on the internet, but you see him in pictures and game footage and he looks shorter and slighter than that. Matthew Stafford was projected as a 6,4 prospect last year, then when scouts claimed he looked a little bit short for 6,4 was projected as 6,3 and it turns out he is in fact 6,2. Clausen looks about 6,1. Not ideal QB starting height.
Clausen's numbers are inflated. You say he ran a Pro Style offense but I'm sorry to say that it looks more like a spread with drop backs. His best game of the season (statistically) was against Hawaii or something and i watched every throw he made in that game on youtube. I would say 80% were screens. He may not have had the best O Line but he had the best WR corps in college football and they made some phenomenal plays on the ball. His arm strength is overrated in my opinion. I would like to ask you, how do you determine arm strength? is it how far a ball can be thrown, or how quickly it gets to a certain spot? I base it off of the latter and the ball does not zing anywhere, it flutters on deep balls too. For a 'pro style QB' his footwork is atrocious. It is slow and laboured and his pocket presence (when he had one) is non existent. His release is slow also and he has a long wind up. In the Rams west coast offense a quick release is required and so is nimble footwork. I feel the Offensive Line will give better protection next season and that if Barron can stop jumping too early we can have a dominant line. The talent is there.
Now I am not a fan of judging players on personality, however, Jimmy Clausen does not have the air of a Franchise Quarterback that you project him to be. He got punched outside of a restaurant, he is a bit of a diva and after such a great statistical season it's odd that the ND fans are not upset he has left them. If he is not popular with rabid ND fans then how will he be popular in the NFL?
I also have an aversion to the way you speak of the Rams organisation. You reference mistakes by previous management and project it to the current group, that is unfair and Steve Spagnuolo has done a great job with the scraps he was left with.
I have also found that your evidence for supporting Clausen is greatly flawed. Examples being:
"JAN. 19 UPDATE: I was pleased to see that Mel Kiper has Jimmy Clausen ranked No. 4 on his 2010 Big Board. It's nice to know someone at ESPN knows what they're talking about. "
Sam Bradford is ranked Number 3. on Kiper's Big Board. If you are using Kiper as a barometer of football knowledge shouldn't this pick be Bradford not Clausen? He is not the number 1 quarterback in this draft in pretty much everyone but yours' estimation.
"There's always a chance St. Louis trades for Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb, both of whom have experience in the West Coast offense. If they do that, this pick will be Ndamukong Suh. But until the Rams throw away a high draft choice on an unproven guy with a 23-32 career record (Campbell) or a 33-year-old in the final stages of his prime (McNabb), this selection will be Clausen."
That is such a ridiculous thing to say. So Jason Campbell who has been a starting NFL Quarterback since his sophomore season and has statistically improved every year with no running game, a weak wr corps and a different Offensive Co-Ordinator every year except this past one is "unproven" yet Jimmy Clausen and under sized, over hyped yet under loved rookie qb draft prospect is proven? you quote Campbell's starting record in the NFL yet what is Clausen's in college?
McNabb is not leaving Philly, simple.
I look forward to reading your 2,000 word article on why we MUST draft Clausen, I can only hope you can put up a viable case for selecting him as you have not on your own website.
I hope you post this somewhere so that people can see how you can respond to this breakdown of your points, however I request of you not to try and personally insult me or my intelligence with belittling comments like you do with your hate mail writers.
Your response is anticipated and I wish you well with your future Mock Draft selections.
Yours truly, A Die Hard Rams Fan

Walter Cherepinsky



I don't know which self respecting journalist tries to use the belittling of contemporaries and rumours about personal vendettas to 'win' an argument. Does anyone else?

What are your observations from this? Will you trust Walter's judgement on prospects?


Now, this may be left field, but as I am not officially a journalist, I can make this assumption, but I believe that WalterFootball was paid by Clausen or a representative, to create hype for him pre draft and try and sway public opinion.

Does this make sense? Does anyone agree? Disagree?

Seeing as the lockout is STILL in place (with salvation in sight!!!) let's discuss ethics, conspiracies and accuracy of draft reportage!

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