Top 20 Plays of the 2010 St. Louis Rams (with additional video)

Hello my fellow Rams fans, as we know the 2011 season is upon us as we hope for improvement of our beloved team. While the 2010 season did not produce a playoff appearance, it produced the future. These 20 plays will show the top moments of the 2010 season for the Rams.


20. WEEK 3: Kenneth Darby's first career TD against the Redskins

Steven Jackson had left the game, and all Rams fans were unsure of what would happen to them. Well Kenneth Darby decided to show up and provide the Rams with his first career touchdown with 7:22 in the 3rd quarter to put the Rams ahead. Darby took the handoff and ran 12 yards for the touchdown while juking a safety and falling into the endzone. His expression tells it all how long he has waited for his touchdown.


19. WEEK 6 James Hall blocks Nate Kaeding's Field Goal

Okay, Kaeding slipped, but James did get a piece of the ball. His "block" stopped the Chargers momentum in the second half, and led to the winning field goal by Josh Brown that put the Rams score at 20 (they won 20-17). Hall had a great game capped by that block that helped the Rams win.


18. WEEK 8 Chris Long hustles and recovers fumble along the Rams sideline

With the Rams only up 7 in the 4th quarter, Matt Moore completed a pass to Steve Smith who broke a tackle and went backwards and turned around but was hit by Craig Dahl and fumbled the ball. The ball was rolling towards the sideline until Chris Long came, dove, and scooped it up on the Rams sideline with all of his cheering teammates. This play shows the hard work Chris had done all season. It makes me happy as a Rams fan to see the Rams celebrate the way they did after his fumble recovery. The Rams would go on to win.


17 WEEKS 11 & 12 Bajema and Illini Mike Both Score TDs on same great play call

I have no idea what the name of the play is called, but the Rams pulled it off 2 weeks in a row against the Falcons and Broncos. The play is that the entire O-line and backs go to the right on playaction and the tight end goes left and cuts upfield to sneak by the defense. On Illini Mike's TD he is covered but a great throw by Sam Bradford creates a touchdown. The next week in Denver, Pat Shurmer made the same call to Billy Bajema and was uncovered for an easy touchdown. This is my favorite play in the playbook.


16. WEEK 11 Brandon Gibson's leaping 12 yard TD vs. Atlanta

Early in the 3rd quarter, the Rams were down by 6 and Sam Bradford threw up a beautiful jump ball to Brandon Gibson who was being covered by the highly touted Dunta Robinson. Gibson came down with the catch and put the Rams ahead. This TD gave Rams fans hope we could beat a great team in the NFL.


15. WEEK 16 Amendola takes great kick return late in game vs. 49ers


With the Rams hanging on a 5 point lead, the 49ers kicked to Danny and he promptly returned the kick to the 49ers 14 yard line. This great kick return set up a Rams field goal. The second best part of the play is the fact that defensive lineman Eugene Sims blocked a 49ers player 10 yards until he threw him down to the turf.


14. WEEK 3 Bradley Fletcher's 1st INT seals win for Rams against 'Skins

With 3:45 left in the 4th quarter, the Rams were trying to seal the deal vs. the Redskins and on a 2nd and 15 play, both Darian Stewart and newly acquired Bryan Kehl blitzed. Stewart was picked up, but not Kehl. Kehl forced Donovan McNabb to throw a bad pass and allowed Bradley Fletcher to grab his 1st career INT and officially sealed the Rams first win in September in more than 4 years.


13. WEEK 16 Troy Smith drops ball and causes safety to give Rams 9-0 lead

This wasn't a great Rams play but this was a major confidence builder when Troy Smith couldn't hold onto the ball. Eugene Sims was the first one to touch him and the Rams got their only defensive points of the year. What makes this play even better is how the fans reacted and got Fred Robbins and Darian Stewart to pump them up in the endzone.


12. Danario Alexander Makes an Acrobatic Catch late in the game vs. 49ers

Rams up 1, 4th quarter, Sam goes back and sees DX streaking down the sideline and throws it up to him. DX makes a terrific catch and apparently isn't touched and goes into the endzone. The play was reviewed and reversed saying he was out of bounds, but the impact of the play was tremendous. Look at the crowd as Dx runs into the endzone. Rams fans are gonna see this type of play for years to come. I also like DX's dance too.


11. WEEK 12 Chris Long's pressure on Kyle Orton seals first road win of season

 The Rams were killing Josh McDaniels and the Broncos on the road but the Broncos came back, but on 4th down with 30 seconds remaining and the Rams up 3, Chris Long stepped up and showed the presence he has on the Rams D-line. Long hit the ball away from Orton and the Rams got their first road win of the season. Also, it was their first win in Denver since 1979.


10. WEEK 16 Fred Robbins' FR gives the ball to STL and give way to Rams win

Troy Smith had fumbled twice but the 49ers landed on it both times. When Alex Smith entered the game, the 49ers were driving and on 3rd down Chris Long stripped the ball away from Smith and SMith got nailed by James Laurinitus and Robbins recovered the ball. A great play on defense.


9. WEEK 8 Daniel Fells' TD seals win vs. Panthers

The Rams were leading by 7 on the Panthers and it was 3rd and 18 at the CAR 24. As Sam went back, Fells went left then right as Sam rolled out. Sam threw a beautiful tight pass to Fells who broke away from his defender and ran his way into the endzone. This TD put the Rams up 14 and they never looked back. I also liked D'Marco Farr's call saying that you better watch out for a freight train like Fells.


8. WEEK 2 Clayton makes a terrific catch on the pile-on

Before he landed on IR, Mark Clayton was having a heck of a year, and in Week 2 he was having a great game with 1 TD already. The Rams were having a horrible 2nd half and with 3 minutes left in the game, Sam threw a pass to Clayton on the pile-on in the endzone. It first appears that he is out of bounds, but replay shows he was in for a TD. Spags reviewed it and it was a TD. Hopefully, we can see that from Clayton next season.


7. WEEK 8 Atogwe ices game with INT and his own tribute to the Greatest Show on Turf

With 2 minutes left, and the Rams up 10, Matt Moore threw a pass that was intercepted by OJ Atogwe and returned to the CAR 2. What was more important was that his game was that it was Isaac Bruce's day, as his number was being retired by the Rams. Atogwe and Ron Bartell honored him and the others on the Greatest Show on Turf by performing the "Bob and Weave" and were flagged, but it was a great tribute for Isaac.


6. WEEK 6 DX's comes out with a bang and gets a TD in his NFL debut

Danario Alexander was making his NFL debut against the Chargers, and even with his bad knee, Dx raced 38 yards to get under a Sam Bradford pass and catch his first career touchdown. It was a tremendous catch, and what was even better was his pose, showing his journey to the NFL. Hopefully we get many more.


5. WEEK 3 Jackson has 42 yard touchdown against Redskins

Jackson opened the 3rd game of the season with a bang as he ran by defenders for a long 42 yard touchdown. Jackson got key blocks along the way, including Brandon Gibson taking out 2 guys himself. This play just adding to the Steven Jackson highlights.


4. WEEK 4 Amendola's finger tip catch vs. Seahags

Not much background to his play and not much result because he didn't get a first down, but Danny Amendola made a top 3 catch of the season. It was a tremendous catch by the most consistent receiver of the Rams. It was such a great catch. It may be top 2 if the catch actually meant anything. TOP PLAY OF THE YEAR FOR STL but the next 3 moments are better.


3. WEEK 7 Steven Jackson passes Eric Dickerson as the Rams leading rusher of all-time

Steven Jackson = greatness. Steven Jackson has showed everyone what he is capable of doing since he was drafted in 2004. Jackson is the team leader and their best player. In my opinion, Jackson should have gotten some MVP votes in 2010 because he was the reason won a game. Jackson have not have much longer but he has been the franchise in the last 7 years. He has been the best player on the worst team in the league. He finally shows his worth when  he passed 2 HOFs, in Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson, as the top rusher in Rams history.


2. WEEK 1 Sam Bradford throws his first career TD just before halftime

With 5 seconds left in the 1st half of the first game of the season, Coach Spags wanted to send a message to all of the NFL, he wanted to show Sam Bradford was the real deal and go for 6 instead of 3 points. Down 7, the Rams snapped the ball and Sam was flushed from the pocket and hit a crossing Laurent Robinson (ugh!!) for his 1st career touchdown. It would be the first of 18 on the season, but this TD provided the future of what will become of #8. Hopefully, we can look back at this throw, and say "That was the first touchdown our HOF threw."


1. WEEK 16 Rams defeat their division rivals for a 7th win on their home finale

This is the game of the year for the Rams (well no if they would have beat the Seahags in Week 17). This was the game they desperately needed to win. It was the home finale, and the fans were pumped up. The 49ers, if they lost, they would have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. The "same old, sorry ass Rams" could finally beat their hated division rival. They wanted revenge after a horrible loss in Week 10 at San Fran. The Rams came out with a SJ39 TD and a safety. The 49ers came back, but the Rams roared too. With some great individual plays (some in this top 20), the Rams pulled off a 25-17 victory. They may have not played too well, but they won and have hope for 2011.




NOTE: I am not the best editor, so don't hate on some of th!e video content.



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