Backup Running Back options...

I am at work and like any good worker I am sitting at my desk trying to occupy myself with anything other then actual work, I have been reading articles around the interwebs and I have some to some interesting theories on who our back up running back could end up being.  I would like to get my fellow TSTers oppinion on some of these guys in a Rams uniform.  


Lendale White: I know he isn't ideal and lately he has had trouble sticking with teams, but there is no doubt he was productive at Tennesse before Chris Johnson took over.  He is in Denver now and it looks as if Denver is in the market for a big name running back ie, Deangelo Williams.  Maybe they release White and we can pick him up.

Another Denver running back with ties to McD is Correll Buckhalter:  I think if the Broncos sign Deangelo one of there running backs is going to be out of town, I don't think it will be Knowshon (although if it was we would be stupid not to make a play at him) so Buckhalter adds an interesting element to the discussion in that he would most likely be a one year signing but he adds alot as a pass catching back and can carry the ball 10-15 times a game and spell S Jax. 

Steve Slaton:  The Texans are rumored to be shopping Slaton, I dont know about you but I would be willing to give up a 6th or a 7th to get him.  I think his fumbling woes can be cured look at Tiki and AP.  Both had fumbling problems but figured it out with a some concentrated efforts.  

Marion Barber: I think he will be the odd man out in Dallas, Jerry Jones has a mancrush on Felix Jones, Tashard Choice is more of a complete back that can help the team every down and Demarcco Murray was drafted in round 3 so I doubt any of those three are released. I think Barber can add an element of an established NFL running back coming in to help Steven Jackson, Barber's negatives are that he can't stay healthy, well seeing only 10-15 carries a game may help in that respect. But he is a clear workhorse back who can come in and be reliable to fight for yardage.  

Kevin Smith:  The oft injured Detroit Lion may benefit from being a back up he doesn't have the physical make up of an everyday RB but he can be effective in spurts and can clearly catch the ball out of the backfield as evidenced by the 35 yard td reception he was injured on.  

Michael Bush: Imagine the beef in the backfield if we put Sjax and Bush in a two back set, thats almost 500 pounds of running back the defense would have to account for.  He might not be the cheapest option but he can definitally be effective and he may be looking for more of a starters role but he is a bruiser who can wear out defenses just like Sjax but he doesn't offer much out of the backfield. 


So there are some possibilities, Let me know who you would choose.  I would maybe go with Lendale White, I think he will be really cheap he is great in the redzone and can eat at defenses while Sjax comes in after him and finishes them off.  Your thoughts folks. 


PS: Darren Sproles will be way to high a price to have a player on the field for only 10-15 snaps,  I would like the move but Billy D's history I think will show us he won't pay big money for a back  up.  

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