Easy way to solidify our team Billy D style

    Well first I want to start this off by saying I have lowered my frustration with the draft that took place and watching those individuals come to our team and others went else where. So I have come here on record to finally say "I Have Moved on From the Draft" I accept those we drafted as a Ram and wish them the best of luck for this upcoming season. No the FA debacle is still well a debacle so its a little more diffcult to really gauge where and who would be going. But what we do know is the guys that weren't drafted.   Here is a list of those luck sonna guns that can pick the team they will sign with. 23 players in this past Pro Bowl were Undrafted Free Agents. 

Surprising number if you ask me since some teams consider those guys not good enough to be drafted. Well you tell me Chris Ivory, Arian Foster, James Harrison, Kurt Warner, Cameron Wake, Pat Williams, Antonio Gates can these guys help our team out? maybe better than what we have already no? 

So here are a few guys I believe we can grab in the UDFA market that can bring a real impact to our team and maybe a star or 2...

Pat Devlin would be an interesting pick up right? Think about it, we don't really need him and he doesn't have to play at all which gives him some time under the new system and to learn from AJ (since Devlin probably is a career backup) Once Feely is gone we have no depth at the position so why not have 2 young guns learning this system and who knows if Devlin turns out like a stud then we got trade bate....hmmmmm

Deunta Williams is a big play Safety who can make plays all over the field. We lost a ball hawk in OJ but we can replace him with another . He had an injury following their bowl game and has been healing well from what i've read I dont expect him to start right off the bat but im sure that we will be pleasantly surprised to so him come in next season surveying the entire field mapping out his next move in a Rams jersey.  

JerrardTarrant & Jerron Johnson are very athletic Safeties than can lay the hat. Late round guys that completely dropped off and well put us in a spot to get one. ST and B/U seem destined for these guys and who know maybe a steal for us seeing we have nothing at the position anymore. 

Justin Boren was a powerful run blocker for OSU and played with a mean streak. This sounds like someone we can use right off the bat,even though he would use some seasoning first I think he'll be a real keeper even if he was a rotational guy along the front.

Scott Lutrus is a highly productive LB for UCONN and it earned him a Freshman All-American honors, He had some injuries but when u hit that hard its a wonder why, Mostly played SLB but has experience and versatility to play all 3 positions. He looks like a spags pick.

Terrence Toliver would be a nice addition to the team especially on these terms. work em out see how he functions put him on the prac squad and go from there....Remember Mike Williams the WR who had too many issues to draft so we get Gilly instead? yea well we can miss out twice can we?

And finally there's Derrick Locke. I wasnt really too fond of him because he fits that scat back mold and we need someone who can carry the rock not to do tricks with it. But if we can get him here and maybe grab a bigger guy to share with SJax and have Locke do his draws and screens and swings and all that hoopla we then i'd be mighty fine with that. 

So let me hear who of the undrafted free agent rookies would you like to see on the team.  

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