Replacement Rams?

If the unthinkable happens- ownership and players fail us, and we are deprived of an NFL season, tragedy would ensue.

If replacement players are considered, as they once were, here are my choices for the Rams starting offense and defense. I hope you concur.





After weeks of deliberation, I present Mooseknuckles41's Replacement Rams:
QB: James T. Kirk- Boldly throwing a fade route, where no fade route has faded before.
RB: Dalton from Road House- Rippin' throats, picking up first downs.
FB: Juggernaut- He's the juggernaut, bitch! (bitch=49ers)
WR: Beatrix Kiddo- She sliced up the Crazy 88, she can handle Rogers-Cromartie.
WR2: Axel Foley- Bump and run him, and he'll pull the ole banana-in-the-tailpipe.
TE: Chewbacca- arrrgghhhh-ugrrrhhhhh-gaaarrrrhhghgh!
LT: E. Honda- Great reach. First half of the 0-line video game bookends.
LG: Walter Sobchak- His buddies died face down in the muck so he could enjoy his zone blocking scheme.
C: Fezzik from "a Princess Bride"- Have no doubt, he can snap on the hard count.
RG: Uncle Buck- Here's a quarter, go downtown and have a rat find a rusher he can't stop.
RT: King Hippo- Effective tackle, as long as he's not punched in the tummy.
DE: Popeye- Eat your spinach= shed your blockers.
DT: Sloth- Hey you, 2 GAP!
DT: Meatwad- Will turn into an igloo or hot dog and destroy ball carriers.
DE: Lenny from Of Mice and Men- George, tell me again about the single-season sack record?
WLB: Spartacus- I AM a tackling machine!
MLB: Dutch from Predator- His men aren't expendable. But he DOES this kind of work.
SLB: Apollo Creed- There ain't gonna be no rematch.
SS: Snake Plissken- Don't even try to Escape from Cover 2.
FS: The Ultimate Warrior- Assuming he passes the drug tests.
CB: Dirk Diggler- He will not allow an opposing WR his 13 inches.
CB: Tyler Durden- The first rule of press coverage is you do not...etc...
P: Daniel LaRusso- Using the crane kick to coffin-corner the opposition.
K: Frank Dux from Bloodsport- Pretends the pigskin is Chong-Li.



16-0. Easily.


PS- I tried to insert this genius photoshopped graphic, but SBN's bullshitty software wouldn't cooperate. Just imagine Shatner's head on Ferragamo's torso.

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