My top ten NFL players of 2011



I’m currently watching NFL Networks Top 100 players of 2011, and I must say I love it.  I like it a lot better than the previous top 100 because it is current players and voted on by the players.  Today I thought it would be fun to make a list of who I think are the top ten players in the league and why I think they are.  I would like people to comment on who they think is the top ten or why I’m totally wrong.  Let’s get a big discussion here people.


10. Ed Reed- the best FS I’ve ever seen.  He makes big plays every day.  He has a knack for finding the ball.  He also led the league in int last season while not playing the full year.  He also is one of the most vicious hitters in the league, not as good now as he once was but it’s still scary for receivers to go over the middle with Reed there.  I think that over his career he is better than Polamalu but right now Troy is better.


9.  Haloti Ngata-  The once d-linemen who I think is totally unblockable.  He is so huge and powerful that just that alone would make him dangerous.  To make matters worse for the offense he is surprising quick and agile for his size and he improves his pass rush every year.  You have to double this guy and sometimes that won’t work.  He is total beast and I think the best defensive linemen in the NFL.


8. Andre Johnson- The total package at wideout.  He is lighting fast.  He runs routes at the most elite level.  He has great hands and great concentration.  He is tall and at 225 is big enough to break tackles and get off press coverage.  In 08 and 09 he had over 1500 yards receiving, and he would probably done the same last year if he hadn’t missed three games.   Fantasy owners love his consistenicy.  Opposing coaches lose sleep over how to stop him.  He kick Cortland Finnegan’s ass.  He is the perfect model for what an NFL WR should be.  Hopefully the Texans can find a way to make the playoffs this year because I would love to see this guy playing in playoff games.


7.  DeMarcus Ware- The best pass rusher in the NFL.  He averages more than 10 sacks a year in his career.  He has 80 over 7 seasons.  He has the best first step in football.  No LT can block him one on one.  He is too big, too smart, and too quick to not be doubled.  He was the one player on the Cowboy’s D who played well last year.  He is the one person in the NFL who I think can record 20 sacks in a season, which he has already done.  If he can keep this up for 10 or 11 seasons he could have the sack record when all is said and done (even though if they counted sacks when Deacon played no one would get to the record). 


6.  Drew Brees- His last three seasons have been one of the best three year stretches a QB has ever had.  He is the heart of soul of the Saints.  He helped save the Saints from moving from the city of New Orleans.  There is no athlete I respect more than him.   He has tremendous downfield accuracy.  He is the most aggressive QB in the league.  He may not have the best arm strength, but he has amazing timing on his throws.  The only reason he’s not in my top five is he has 22 ints last season.  Part of this came from the number of times he had to throw the ball, but he has to do a better job protected the football if the Saints want to go to the Super Bowl this year.


5. Troy Polamalu- The most versatile defender in football.  You never know where he’s going to be at any time.  He is great as faking what he’s going to do making it even tougher to predict what his assignment is.  He has to be accounted for and he will take over the game.  Even though the Steelers have other great defenders, I don’t think they would be a top 5 D without him.   He does everything for them.   He covers man to man well, drops into zones well, blitzes well, and he is one the surest tackles in football.  When his career is over he will be considered one of the top 3 Steeler defenders of all time.


4. Darelle Revis- there is no one in the league he can’t cover.  Whoever is on his island is basically shutdown for the game.  QBs have the mentality to not throw to his side of the field and for good reason.  Even though he had no picks last year, mostly due to QBs not throwing his way, he has great ball skills.  He is so strong in press coverage.  He always gets his man rerouted, guaranteed.  He is the best cover corner in the league and it’s not close.  Now I’ve never seen Deion play so would someone who’s seen both play tell me who they think is better, because a lot of the reports I’ve heard about how good Deion was is the same reports I hear about Revis.


3. Aaron Rodgers- last year he proved how the Packers GM Ted Thomson made the right choice to start him over Farve.  Two of his three year as a starter he has had a QB rating over 100.  He has a cannon but at the same time laser accuracy.  He led the Packers to the Super Bowl where he played tremendously well.  I think he is the most athletically gifted QB in the league today.  It won’t be long until he has a NFL MVP to go with his Super Bowl MVP.


2. Tom Brady- rings don’t lie and he has three.  He has the most amazing will to win.  His fire in his belly was lit when he was drafted in the sixth round and has gone out since.  He wants to win more than anyone and he demands the same from his teammates.  I think he is the best leader in football.  Also it is well known that the Pats didn’t have a named OC last year, which shows how high his football IQ is.  He had 36 TDs last season and only 4 picks!!  4 picks!  How the hell does that happen?  The ultimate winner.


1. Peyton Manning- he and Brady are so close.  They are two of the best QBs of all time.  They may go down as 1 and 2 of all time players when all is said and done.  The reason I put him #1 is his ability to read defenses at the line and literally never huddle.  He changes the play every snap it seems.  Sometimes I don’t think he calls the play until they are at the line.  He has the highest football IQ in the league.  When you look for a perfect scouting report on a QB you can stop at Peyton Manning.  He has great intelligence, accuracy, arm strength, pocket awareness and leadership.  The only knock people have on him is he hasn’t won as much as Brady, but is that really his fault?  The Pats have teams that won the Super Bowl who were much more balanced than the Colts have ever been.  Most of his career the defense has been sub-par.  The year that they played well in the playoffs they won the Super Bowl.  Also another reason to put him #1 is if you take him off the Colts they would be the worst team in football.  Take Brady off the Pats and they will still do okay, as they did with Matt Cassel going 11-5.  Peyton is the best football player I’ve ever seen and the best I think I ever will see.


So that’s my list, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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