WR's on the mind... Who gets a roster spot? Does Clayton?

We have been starved for solid WR play for too long. 
Now we have King Sam to lead the way and the future looks bright as hell.

We have 2 new hopefuls that have many of us anticipating big things from.
An amazing slot guy that is constantly compared to one of the best at his position.
A superstar, less the usual diva b.s., with a not-so-trustworthy knee in Alexander.  
A very capable, maturing, fiery Gibson that needs to eliminate his b.s.
A disappointing burner that still has some hopeful fans in Avery.
A guy who hasn’t shown me any reason to keep him on any NFL roster in Gilyard.
A shell of any former self in Robinson.
A valuable ST’s guy/unproven wide-out, Curry is one of the unheard-of’s I was hoping to see more of. 
And the rest of the roster fillers.

And then there is Clayton.  What do you think, or hope happens with him? 
…especially if we land another FA.
It seems fairly clear that Clayton falls in the category of high quality/focused/professionals that is doing, and will do everything necessary to get back to form asap.
I am in the categories:   1) wants him back and expects him to get back to form quickly and
2) believes resigning him at the tail end of rehab is less of a risk vs. dealing with other injured/less focused players. 

It sounds highly unlikely the FO doesn’t bring him back.  When was the last time this team witnessed the kind of exciting production he and Bradford gave us in that short window last year?  How many years?

However, with so many other holes to fill with capable FA’s,
And “IF” we get lucky and land Rice or (a hopefully wiser) Jackson,
do you also get the deal done with Clayton? 

“If” the FO made magic happen and got either of those guys, would it be necessary or wise to sign Clayton as well, and would it be less of an issue now that Pettis and Salas are aboard, and Avery seems to be back to health?

Then there is the Question of “How many do they keep?”
Interesting note:  according to wiki, here are the week 1 roster numbers in the years that MickyD led the offensive for the Patriots:
2007 5 WR & 3 TE
2008 7 WR, 3 TE. 
So who the heck knows how many the rams will field.

I dream of Rice-Clayton-Alexander-Amendola-Pettis-Salas, with Gibson and Avery competing in the pre-season, walking-their-talk, and proving one of them should get a possible 7th spot…  but then I woke up and read Free Agency hadn't begun.

How do you see the WR corps panning out if we keep 6?

Poll Time!!  Calling all prophets… make your predictions!

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