St. Louis Rams 2011 Schedule

[Note by VanRam, 05/10/11 10:00 PM EDT ] Promoted for your discussion pleasure. 

There has been some talk about next seasons schedule and about how we will do against this tougher schedule. Me admittedly was down on it at first and only thought we could come out of it with 5-6 wins (like RamChop) but looking at it after the draft I have a little more hope than that. So this is the way I see us doing in this upcoming season (if there is one)

Week 1 - Home against Eagles- Well most of you will look at this and say it's a lose but I think we can come up with a win in this situation. We're at home where we play arguably better at then on the road. The way I see it is this game comes down on the shoulders of the defense and if they can contain Vick I and give the Offense enough chances to put up points on the board then I can see us winning this game. This offense will come out with something to prove and this WR corps will be approved with the play calling and better weapons. Spags gets this defense to play beyond it's means and I believe that we shock the Eagles in week 1. W


Week 2 - @ New York Giants- This is a monday night game as well. Some of you look at this game and also think of a lose but I see otherwise. Eli Manning showed this year that he is not above throwing the int in critical times and I think that Spags and this Defense can capitalize on his mistakes and come up with the turnovers. This offense will come up with some points early and not look back. W

Week 3- Home Baltimore Ravens- I see this as the first lose of the year for us. They will not underestimate us like the Eagles and Giants did in previous weeks will beat us. I do see this as a close game though because Flacco also just like Eli isn't above throwing the occasional Int. We will show some pride and fight the whole game but I say they win by 3. L

Week 4-  Home Washington Redskins- I think we can win this one. The defense is going to blitz whoever their starting QB is when the season starts and will give the Offense opportunities to capitalize in short field situations. W

Week 6- @ Green Bay- I see this one as our second lose of the year. We're away where we don't play all that good. Sure we will be much improved but coming off a bye week we will be a little rusty. They will not underestimate us and will come up with the W. L

Week 7- @ Cowboys- I can see us winning this one. Tony Romo will crap up under pressure and our defense will come up with some critical  turnovers. It will be a close game but I think we can come out of this one with a win. W

Week 8- Home New Orleans Saints- I honestly could see this one going either way. We're at home so I would normally give us the up on it but I see it as we have them in out claws ready to clamp down on them and they escape with a late TD or FG. L

Week 9- @ Arizona Cardinals- We would all like for us to sweep out divisional foes but I don't see it happening. This will be another one of them types of games where they just get the ball last and score. They win by a FG. L

Week 10- @ Cleveland Browns- We will be fired up because of the L the previous week, come out and play will heart. W

Week 11- Home Seattle Seahawks- I was close to calling them something else but I'll keep it professional (LOL). This is our first game back at home in a few weeks and we will come out firing on all cylinders. W

Week 12- Home Arizona Cardinals- We won't forget what happened the last time we played them back in week 9 and will split it. W

Week 13- @ San Fransisco 49ers-  I just can't see us losing this game. They don't have that good of a QB unless they get one in FA (if there is one) and we will get up at the jump start and never look back. W

Week 14- @ Seattle Seahawks- We will finally get a win on them in their home and officially knock them out of the race to win the NFCW. W

Week 15- Home Cincinnati Bengals- They have far more talent than us and it will show in this game. We will keep it close but in the end that talent will show on their side. L

Week 16- @ Pittsburgh Steelers- I could see us winning this game but the also have more talent than we do and it will show. L

Week 17 Home San Fransisco 49ers- After laying eggs in this last two weeks we will pick ourselves but and get this win before the playoffs. W

So there you have it I have us going 10-6 this upcoming year. Actually typing that made me smile a little. Some of you may say no f*cking way but with new weapons for Sam and a new OC and playbook I could see it happening.

Tell me how you see this upcoming season happening and your thoughts on mine.

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