The 10 stages of Draft Grief

1. Hope:  This stage begins after our team has either been eliminated from contention, or the playoffs.  It's marked by frustration and the assurance that I as a fan know exactly what is wrong and exactly how it can be fixed.

2.Anticipation:  Now knowing where we will draft, I'm sure our FO is completely in tune with what I think.  It's so obvious, anyone can see now what needs done and it's time to scour the college ranks and determine who's the best fit.

3.Excitement:  After looking over all draft eligible prospects the ones I want should be available during our picks without any problem.  Also we should have no problem doubling our # of picks by trading down or shopping players, which I no longer value.  For example:  I think Jackson could bring a couple of 1st rounders this year, right?

4. Gleeful Giddiness:  It's DRAFT eve and all my boards and picks are organized in a nice little and very discrete list that only I could have possibly put together.  I can't wait to drop my sheer genious on the rest of the NFL Draft world tomorrow.

5. Morbid Horror:  Oh oh, it would appear that  "What we have here is.. Failure to communicate"  Didn't the FO get my memo?  What in sweet Jesus is going on.  I can't believe what's happening before my very eyes. Surely tomorrows rounds will go better.

6. Serial Killer Anger:  Need......#...Travel agent.........Bimart.....ammo.  Who's running this show.  What in the Hell were they thinking..  This can NOT be happening.

7.Suicidal Tendencies:  It's true.... We didn't stick to my plan at all.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should even be a Ram fan.  I look towards the Bay area, no I can't do it.  I'd rather take my own life.

8. Denial:  It's all a dream.  That's right, it couldn't possibly be true.  When I wake up tomorrow it will be April 27th and all will be well.

9. Acceptance:  Alright fine... Paea is  gonna be a bust, so's Austin, and Foster and Matthews.  We don't need no stinking blockers.  If we do nothing at all our running game will get better, yeah that's it.

10. Hope:  Pass the remote, I hear the Pac-10 has it's own network now.!

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