Random Ramsdom, 5/31: Tressel fallout and the NFL supplemental draft

Could fallout from Jim Tressel's resignation at Ohio State impact the St. Louis Rams?

Holiday weekend: over. Put that junk aside and get back to work. We have some good stuff on tap for you today, to help ease the transition and feed your need for St. Louis Rams and football talk. Top of the list today: 3k drops his extensive look at McDaniels' two-TE system this afternoon at 2 p.m. Central. For some insight into the thinking behind the Rams shocking decision to draft Wisconsin TE Lance Kendricks in the second round and sneak peak at what the offense will look like this year, you won't want to miss it. 

Some links...

Ohio State/Tressel fallout: Pryor et al headed for the supplemental draft?
Suspending for five game, OSU QB Terrelle Pryor and several other players could be looking at the NFL this summer, if they decide to petition the league to enter the supplemental draft. That could be a problem since the locked out NFL has no provisions in place for the supplemental draft. It could be another lawsuit. Without the legal mumbo jumbo, a couple Buckeyes to keep an eye on: WR DeVier Posey and RB Dan Herron. Both players are considered possible first round picks. With the Rams left to pick among the aging veterans and undrafted rookies to fill their backup RB spot, a player like Herron could make for an interesting addition...at the expense of one of Devaney's early round picks in 2012.

Dan Herron NFL Draft prospect notes
Since I mentioned Herron, here's more info on the player. He would actually be a pretty nice complement to Steven Jackson and a good fit for a 2-RB system. Herron power and acceleration to work between the tackles. He also catches the ball very well, having been used in OSU's passing game with regularity.

Jim Tressel investigation
Here's Sports Illustrated's epic Jim Tressel investigative piece. A long list of NCAA violations have followed Tressel, finally catching up to him this year. George Dohrmann's article really digs into Tressel's years as a coach. It's a great read, and a good reminder that long-form, magazine style journalism still has a place in the Twitter-scoop world.

Social-media and the CBA
Assuming players and owners could actually agree on something to get talks re-started around a new CBA, could/should player social media usage be part of it? Colleges already monitor players' Facebook and Twitter usage. The NFL could use it to protect teams and players from themselves. 

Questions about Danario Alexander's offseason
I should have learned my lesson referencing anything from sports talk radio, but this is worth passing along. Tony Softli, taking a break from sourcing standards, provides some grist for the rumor mill saying that he "doubts" whether or not DX put in much offseason conditioning work, specifically wondering if the former Missouri WR has lifted weights at all during the break.

Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress
Plaxico Burress is back in the rumor mill with his release pending for next week. A new report reaffirms that there is some interest in him around the league. The Rams, however, are not mentioned here. 

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