Breakdown of 2011 Games. Weeks 1-4

(bumped to the FP by 3k - good reading to get ready for the week.  When's the next Rapturefest?)

Hey Rams fans,

Over the next few weeks I am going to give my opinions on what the 2011 season will turn out like (that is if we have one). I'll give interesting match-ups and what to look for in that game. Please feel free to comment on what you think about the games or comment about my opinions on what will happen. Enjoy.

Preseason: The Rams biggest concerns here are to win the Hall-of-Fame Game for Marshall Faulk and Les Richter and also to figure out who will be our receiving corps.

Week 1: Philadelphia Eagles @ St. Louis Rams

Steve Spagnuolo faces his old team. The Rams haven't won a season opener since the 2006 season, and it doesn't look like they'll break that streak this year. The Eagles offense in a tough one to defend. Michael Vick is a player to not offend. He has so many weapons around him, like DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and others. Rams will come into this game wondering how to contain the man named Vick. I don't think they will succeed.

Look for: The first real chance to see Mcdaniel's offense and maybe some rookie power.

Match-up: Vick vs. weakside linebacker

Loss: 24-10

Week 2:St. Louis Rams @ New York Giants (MNF)

Feels good to get some prime time football. I think the Rams won't disappoint. Spags meets another one of his past teams. I believe this is going to be a battle for the Rams offense. The Giants have a tough defence. It's not as great as the Super Bowl Giants defense, but still respectful. The Rams struggled on the road last season. Hopefully that will change. If the Rams can get an early lead and the defense maintains Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants offense, then the Rams get a win.

Look for: A great game between teams on Monday Night Football.

Match-up: Our offensive line vs. Their defensive line

Win: 20-17

Week 3: Baltimore Ravens @ St. Louis Rams

Rams will be confident coming into this game. Which will be a big factor in this game and the whole season. If the Rams believe they are improved and no longer a laughing stock, then it will show on the field. I am a fan of the Ravens organization. I like what they do in off-season and the draft. Joe Flacco has proved he is a NFL quarterback, and the Ravens have built around him. The Ravens have given Flacco a new toys in Torrey Smith and Tandon Doss. The Rams offence could come through for us this game, but the Ravens have a stiff defense. McDaniels, Sam Bradford, and Steven Jackson will have to bring their A game. The holes left from O.J. Atogwe and the lack of a outside linebacker will be the reason we fall to the Ravens. This game shouldn't be a blowout and the Rams will stay in it for most of the game.

Look for: Rams defense doing their best.

Match-up: Flacco vs. Our defensive backs

Loss: 17-10

Week 4: Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams

This will be the forth time in four year the Rams played the Redskins. Rams got their first win last year against this team. Redskins have a lot of questions coming into this season. Their main one is who the quarterback is going to be. The Rams will take advantage of this. Rams will put on a show for the fans at home. The defense will have to stop their running game to secure a victory. Also Rams will greet back a good friend, O.J. Atogwe.

Look for: The Rams to have a great day to rack up stats.

Match-up: Atogwe's defense vs. Bradford's offense

Win: 27-7

There you have it. My thoughts on our first four games, and I truly think are realistic. 2-2 starting record is terribly bad. In fact if we pull through in these tougher games we will have a shot to go a long way. Of these first few games the Giants on Monday Night will be the most interesting. If we beat the Giants, it will be a huge statement to say we are back NFL. Some of you will disagree with my comments, but oh well. I can't wait to see if we have a season to watch. GO RAMS


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